Friday, November 27, 2015

A gift from Allah

"Abdelhamid Abaaoud Interview"  Absolutely hilarious, as apparently he didn't realize he was being waved through by western intelligence agencies so he could be a part of the false flag:
"A brother had taken video footage of some of us before a battle, but his camera got lost and was later sold by a murtadd to a Western journalist. I suddenly saw my picture all over the media, but alhamdulillāh, the kuffār were blinded by Allah. I was even stopped by an officer who contemplated me so as to compare me to the picture, but he let me go, as he did not see the resemblance! This was nothing but a gift from Allah."

"Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey's President"

"Turkish newspaper editor in court for 'espionage' after revealing weapon convoy to Syrian militants"  "Turkey's Erdogan vows to punish journalist behind Syria trucks video"

"Raqqa's Rockefellers: How Islamic State oil flows to Israel"

"Guess Who is Behind the Islamic State? Israeli Colonel “Caught with IS Pants Down”"

"ISIS survives largely because Turkey allows it to: the evidence"

"Why is the US Hanging Turkey Out to Dry? …. article by Andrew Korybko"  Stopping or delaying South Stream would be enough of  motive for American duplicity.

"Putin Accuses Obama Of Leaking Flight Details To Turkey After Russia Releases Video Of S-400 SAM Deployment In Syria":  ". . .  Russia could even take down targets over northern Israel."  It also covers all of Lebanon and south Syria.

"As French Pres. Hollande meets Putin, France considers alliance w/ Syrian Army"

"Canadian airstrike alleged to have killed 10 civilians in Iraq"

"Obama, Kerry call Schwartz family with ‘profound’ condolences"  I'm waiting for them to call the families of Americans killed by Israel.

"Trump’s claim of 9/11 celebration in New Jersey is based on arrest of 5 ‘laughing’ Israelis"  Weiss refers, in a messed up sentence,  to "a gray zone of unproveable assertions", and is set straight by the comments.  The dancing Israelis are an established and documented fact.

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