Friday, November 13, 2015

A vast, open-air madhouse

"News Corp Denies Killing Story That Could Have Prevented the Crash of Metrojet Flight 9268"  Makes perfect sense that Rupert should be part of ISIS (or al Qaeda, or the CIA, or whoever placed the bomb).  Note the laughable bribery excuse they gave for hiding the information.

"Michael Hand, Fugitive Who Ran Scandalous CIA Front Bank, Found Alive In U.S."

"Why Allen Dulles Killed the Kennedys"

"ProtonMail Allegedly Proxied by Israeli Firm with IDF Links"  Protection racket scam.

"Russia deploys S-400 in Syria"  The source is iffy.

"Canada turns away from neoconservative foreign policy"  "Israel need not worry about Justin Trudeau"

"Reporter shocked RCMP planned to shadow him over spy agency leak"  "Justin Trudeau ‘looking into’ RCMP probes of journalists"

"A China-Taiwan handshake, 66 years in the making"  Naturally, not much is made of this in the Empire.

"China's Xinjiang Problem - Made in USA"  ISIS was custom built by the Zio-American Empire to assist in this operation.

"Finland prepares universal basic income experiment"

"Steven Salaita settles lawsuit with Univ. of Illinois"  Big win for the 'donors' (and we never get to see the contents of the memo).

"Operation Free Sinjar - TTG"  Whatever the politics (including ongoing neocon machinations in Washington), American assistance to the Kurds is de-terrorizing northern Syria, while Russian assistance to the Syrian army is de-terrorizing the rest of the country.  "Today's Battle Progress In Iraq and Syria"  "Russian Warplanes Hit 289 Terrorist Targets in Syria in Two Days"

"Ukraine stands to lose $2 bln from Nord-stream II"  "Ukraine’s Joining EU ‘Fades Into Realm of Political Fantasy’"  It is difficult to fathom just how much Nudelman-Kagan's pursuit of violent racist Jewish supremacist goals has fucked over the Ukrainian people.

"Jewish Character Traits in Israel"

Truitt against Geithner

Tweet (emptywheel):
"Guys who conducted massive hack against Wall Street figured they would be safe in Israel. … "

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