Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Banana peels

"Turkey shoots down Russian plane: Wars have a funny way of taking on a life of their own":
"In fact, if there’s any conspiracy I can make sense of with what’s gone on over the past year  and a half, it’s that anti-Russia neocons and their pals have been doing everything possible to increase Putin’s popularity and power at home, in order to build him up as an even more plausible villain over here. Or maybe they’re straight-up Putin moles. But that of course gives everyone, especially these idiots, too much credit."
"Putin, NATO and the Turkish Banana Peel":
"Obviously, Putin is too smart and sure-footed to slip and fall for such a primordial ruse.   But it is worth examining why NATO, which is primarily an American instrument, is resorting to such puerile and reckless tactics in its attempt to create justification to enter the Syrian battlefields, with intent to oust Bashar by force and divide up Syria to the benefits of the Caliphate and the Zionist states.  Do NATO commanders actually think that Putin’s intelligence is that degree of inept and short-sighted?  Or is this an act of desperation on NATO’s  part, with Turkey as front and fall guy?
Ladies and gentlemen, the downing of the Russian SU-24 is a classic act of desperation."
"Confused Turkish nationalists protest Russian air strikes in front of Dutch Consulate"

"Crimea explosion leaves millions without power"  Another page from the Nudelman-Kagen 'Big Book Of Stupid'.

I know there is a huge industry attempting to make sense out of what are just a series of Zionist stunts, but it is very difficult to discern any rational reason for the downing of the Russian plane in Egypt, the Paris terrorist attacks, or the Turkish attack on the Russian plane (the attack on Crimea can be explained by the fact that the Ukrainians are idiots).  The attacks on Russia only make sense if you believe Putin is going to act irrationally, and the attack on Paris only makes sense if it is intended, in the Gladio way, of leading to fascism (which is certainly working in France).

The deep moral and logical contradictions of Zionism are starting to become apparent to everybody, leading directly to the ridiculous.  Problem:  Europe backs the Wars For The Jews leading directly, and predictably, and as predicted, to the refugee crisis.  The answer - fight more Wars For The Jews!  Problem: there is a terrorist state in the Middle East, which has started to leak terrorism into Europe.  The answer - fight the only entity, the Syrian state led by Assad, that is successfully fighting the terrorist state!  Bonus:  claim that Assad has to go as his success in fighting the terrorist state is making the terrorists mad!  Problem:  everybody can now see that slavish devotion to Zionism is leading to the destruction of civilized life, even to the extent of creating a terror state, the worst possible enemy, solely for the reason that Zionists can use it as a tool of Jewish territorial expansionism.  Answer:  fall all over ourselves proclaiming that we will now seriously attack the terrorist state, for reals this time, we promise, after months of pretending to while the terror state grew by leaps and bounds, and follow it up by using crack American targeting to hit solely civilian targets, leaving the Islamist terrorists untouched!  Problem:  terrorists are using the Turkish border for the purposes of financing, movement of troops, and movement of terrorists to Europe.  Answer:  allow the Turks to set up an effective no-fly zone over the area, so that all of this wonderful activity can continue without fear of disruption.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to have any sympathy for people who keep slipping on the same banana peel!
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