Sunday, November 08, 2015

Cannot be justified

An example of the propaganda meant to pressure Putin:  "Russia sending 44 planes to Egypt to repatriate tourists":
"President Vladimir Putin's spokesman insisted the decision to suspend flights did not mean that Moscow believed the crash was caused by a deliberate attack.

Political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky said on Russian radio: "Putin understands that this is a terror attack, an attack which is a direct consequence of the military adventure in Syria which could not and cannot be justified from the point of view of Russia's national interests."

Summing up what the Kremlin was likely thinking, he added: "But on the other hand, let's pretend that this is not true.""
Belkovsky is a professional Putin hater (note the connections to the late Berezovsky).  If someone were to tell me he was on the CIA payroll I would not fall down in amazement.
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