Tuesday, November 10, 2015


"In Egypt, angry talk of Western conspiracy over plane crash"

"Israeli Intelligence Helped Pinpoint ISIS Role in Sinai Plane Crash"

"Russian plane crash: Foreign spies, not GCHQ, found 'chatter' evidence of Sinai bomb plot"  Comment by laguerre:
""an undisclosed “third party” agency, rather than Britain’s own GCHQ, that revealed the so-called “chatter” among extremists"? It is well-known. It was Israel - with the all implications that has for the accuracy of an intelligence report from a party that has interests in the issue. For example, disproving the possibility that Israel might have shot the plane down."
"Egypt hotel workers questioned, as UK hands Russia intelligence on Sinai plane crash":
" . . . police are exploring the theory that someone with access to the hotel rooms of Russian tourists could have secreted a bomb in a suitcase.
They are checking the backgrounds of staff who work in hotels where the 224 victims of the crash were staying.
Meanwhile it emerged that a British team of security experts that visited the airport last week, leading to a tightening of security before any more flights could leave, was particularly concerned to find a guard manning an x-ray machine playing with his phone instead of monitoring the scanner. Poor lighting in one corner of the airport was also a concern."
Here we go: "Russian plane crash: Calls for new era of airport security after Sinai terror"
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