Thursday, November 05, 2015

Craziest people in the world

"Naftali Bennett: 'We are surrounded by the craziest people in the world'"  "‘NPR’ and ‘NYT’ present Netanyahu as a– moderate" (title has changed).  "Israel blasts Palestinians after accusations of organ-harvesting | Reuters"  "Demolition Of Illegal Synagogue Built On Stolen Palestinian Land Delayed Yet Again Due To Police Incompetence And West Bank Settlers Threats Of Violence"

The big blue country is about to get a lot bigger:  "Israel seeks 60 percent increase in US military aid: US officials"

"Judy Miller’s ghost lingers: Putin, Syria and how the New York Times cheers on a new Cold War – Patrick Smith/"

"Why Saudi Arabia and Russia Cannot Be Partners"  "The Sudanese dictator: how the Saudi lobby made Western governments forget about his war crimes"  "FIFA bows to Saudi Pressure, moves Palestine's next two home matches"

"West Secretly Elated Over Downed Russian Airliner"

The front-runner:  "Carson Doubles Down, Plus Space Aliens"  Ruined by its last paragraph:  "How the rising death rate among middle-aged whites helps explain our political reality"

"Internet Trolls Hijack ‘Jeb Can Fix It’ Campaign, Possibly Ending Bush’s Run for Good"  Without mentioning the Savile angle.

"NYPD under fire over cop who ‘converted’ to Islam to spy on college students"  "FBI Counterterrorism Agent Wistfully Recalls Watching 20-Year-Old Muslim-American Grow Up"

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