Friday, November 13, 2015

Evil and stupid

Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"At least 39 dead tonight in Paris terror atacks. 250k dead in Syria & Iraq. Both a direct result of US, UK, France feeding Sunni extremists."
I've recently been thinking about the War On Terror and unchecked refugee flows from places where your government's policies have fostered terrorist organizations like ISIS. You've got hundreds of thousands of new arrivals to Europe, and absolutely no way to weed out the violent ones.  Ridiculous, and a direct causal effect, easily predictable, of French foreign policy in places like Libya and Syria! And you are still listening to fucking supremacists like BHL?!

I know people are not smart or moral enough to do it, but isn't it time for places like France to grow a brain and stop supporting the Zio-American Empire?  Seriously, what will it take for people to realize that you can sometimes get away with evil, and you can sometimes get away with stupid, but your chances with both evil and stupid aren't good?

There are people who try to commit murder with some kind of incendiary device and end up just blowing themselves up.
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