Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Experiencing the Nemesis of hubric exceptionalism‑Who are we now? ORIGIN"  A de-Judaized discussion of the thinking of Andrew Korybko (written 'Horybko'), which makes it worse than useless (although the use of the term of art, 'Cabal', may be a wink in the direction of truth; I note that Andrew Korybko does not make that fatal error).  Americans have a big hubris problem admitting they are so easily hoodwinked.

"Baiting Obama to ‘Shock and Awe’ – Paul R. Pillar/Consortiumnews"  This isn't an either/or, let ISIS survive and thrive, or put boots on the ground.  ISIS thrives because of Zio-American help.  Stop that help, allow a perfectly good army, the Syrian Army, with support from Hezbollah and Iran, and air support from Russia (the 'Axis of Good'), to defeat ISIS, and you can get all your real American geopolitical goals completely legally and with no risk of another disaster.  Barry only has to stop being commanded by warmongering Jews.

"French Authorities Still Unsure Whether Top Suspect in Paris Attacks Killed in Police Raid"  If it is an intelligence operation there would be doubles.

I note that in a world where for the first time tentative steps are made in discussing the root Saudi-Jew causes of warmongering and misery, this is disappointing (has everybody been bought?):  "Barbara Lee Interestingly Declines to Address U.S. Arms to Saudi Arabia"

"Dershowitz and Finkelstein: comrades at heart?"  From 2013, Salaita on Finkelstein!

"Experts Explain How Global Powers Can Smash ISIS"  You'll note that the official warmongering Jewtheory is the hilarious whopper that Assad radicalizes Sunnis making the elimination of ISIS impossible!  Even the stupid Yanks are finding this one hard to swallow.

"Lost on the ‘Dark Side’ in Syria"

"Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it?"  "MoD releases video showing the destruction of ISIS oil tankers"

"Basij Commander: Writing Israel's Name Instead of ISIL Decodes Dilemma of Paris Tragedy"

"U.S. nervously watches Canada’s massive refugee plan"

I've been waiting for a laugh and it does not disappoint:  "Paris Terror Attacks: Instructions for Warfare"
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