Sunday, November 01, 2015

Give these Black Boxes to the Dutch

"Election 2016: Hillary Clinton Demands Probe of Exxon After Oil Giant Stops Funding Clinton Foundation"  Headline a touch unfair but the Clinton Foundation is, amongst other bad things, a protection racket, and you can be sure Hil would be silent had Exxon kept up its payments.

"Islamic State Plane Attack Claim Could Be Helpful"  "ISIS Releases Video Of Alleged Russian Airplane Mid-Air Exposion After It Claims Responsibility For Disaster"  Comment (Vatican_cameo):
"If both engines failed, it could stay aloft for at least 40 minutes.  I wonder if they'll give these Black Boxes to the Dutch?  Seems to be all the rage."
"Israel Attacked Hezbollah Targets in Syria, Censor Prohibited Israeli Reporting"  Filled with Yinon-ish wishful thinking.

"Anti-Israel Activism Criminalized in the Land of Charlie Hebdo and “Free Speech”" by Glenn Greenwald.  All the human rights terms have been appropriated by the powerful to oppress the weak.  This has the double advantage of removing all credibility from any human rights complaints, which have traditionally sometimes inconvenienced the powerful.

"You can’t save Israel from itself by appropriating BDS" (appears to have originally been titled "Soft Zionists can’t save Israel from itself by appropriating BDS").  Out of place in the Lite Zionist Portal as it points out some of the deep trickery of World Jewry in managing gentile thought.

"Seizure of Koza-İpek entirely legal, no government involvement: PM Davutoğlu"  If Gülen wasn't an evil nut who is CIA this wouldn't be so morally and politically complicated.

"Avijit’s publisher Faisal killed, 3 others hacked"  Blogging is serious business is some places.

"Sociopath Media Report - Halloween Special"  Cartoons!

"Marco Rubio Nabs A Billionaire Donor"  Rubio is the only 'mainstream' Republican left (barely) standing after the Trump-Clinton conspiracy to assault Republican electability. So (by far the worst, and that is really saying something) Jewish billionaire buys him.

Tweet (Chase Madar):
"And without the intellectual leadership of @RichardHaass and colleagues, none of this would have been possible. "
"US Sends Troops To Syria: Here Are The Questions The Media Should Be Asking":
"Ok, so what appears to be going on here is that Washington is going to embed the US commandos with the Kurds and support them with airstikes flown from Incirlik. If you follow the conflict closely, that should strike you as completely absurd. The US is going to fight alongside the YPG and provide them with air support via a Turkish airbase. 

But just last week, Turkish warplanes flying from the very same airbase bombed these very same Kurds as they were trying to fight this very same ISIS!

As we noted in "Full Metal Retard: US Launches 'Performance-Based' Ammo Paradrop Program For Make-Believe 'Syrian Arabs'", the "Democratic Forces of Syria" (which has already been renamed - twice) doesn't exist. Washington created a fake umbrella group whose first move was apparently to merge with the Kurds. Why the charade? Becase Erdogan has an election to win and the last thing Turkey wants is for the US to be paradropping hundreds of tons of ammo and weapons to a group (the YPG) that is aligned with the PKK. In other words, Washington needed a cover story in order to sell the ammo drop to Erdogan, so the US claimed the weapons were actually in the hands of a group of "moderate Syrian Arabs" who just happen to have merged with the Kurds two days after they announced their existence. 

As a reminder, Turkey holds elections tomorrow. If the AKP doesn't win back its absolute majority in parliament, Erdogan is going to lose his mind, which means the crackdown on the Kurds is going to intensify. How in the world Washington plans to explain to Ankara that the US plans to use a Turkish airbase to fly missions in support of American commandos that have been stationed with a group Turkey considers to be affiliated with terrorists is a complete mystery. 

So that, in a nutshell, is what the press should be asking The White House to explain. 

Of course the real question is what happens when Russia and Iran have finished routing anti-regime forces in Western Syria and decide to start making the push east. That's when US troops will come in direct contact with Russian jets and Hezbollah ground troops. Obviously all bets are off at that point and one can only hope they'll be some kind of communication between Moscow and Washington lest the battle to "liberate" Raqqa from ISIS should end up being the fight that triggers World War III."
The incoherence of the stated American plan leads one to doubt that this is the real American plan.

"Russia’s Anti-Terrorist Campaign in Syria. Moscow’s Broader National Security Interests"  I am certain that the mythical gas pipeline we keep hearing about is just another attempt to put a hydrocarbon spin on what is just another War For The Jews, but the rest of this is solid, and explains why Putin has such credibility in blocking the Zio-American plan to build a terror state in the Middle East to be used against Russia and China.
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