Sunday, November 08, 2015

If a bomb, whose bomb?

The Zio-Americans are trying to use the destruction of the Russian plane over Egypt to weaken Russian support for Russian anti-terrorist actions in Syria, on the basis that Russians are now in new terrorist danger because of ISIS revenge.  It is here that better education and (non-lying) media in Russia is serving Putin well, as the Russians are completely aware of the importance of defeating the Zio-American terror state which is to be used against Russia and China.

If a bomb was planted in Egypt, it would most likely be either CIA (à la Lockerbie) or Muslim Brotherhood, i.e., al Qaeda (aka, the 'moderate' Syrian opposition to Assad), not ISIS.

"The Infamous Video of an Aircraft Exploding in Air at High Altitude and the “Big Chutzpah” Construct"  Speed of posting and technical issues point to a big government actor, e.g., CIA, and not ISIS.

"Putin's Multi-Millionaire Media Mogul Dies Of Mysterious "Heart Attack" In Luxury DC Hotel"  The timing is curious.  It is as if we're seeing a big multi-pronged covert CIA attack against Putin.

"WaPo Peddles Crackpot Idea - Fears Russia Will Steal It"  The Post actually appears to be covering for the CIA by denigrating the idea before anyone mentions it.

A planted bomb is very bad for Sisi, who is a one-trick 'anti-terrorism' pony.  In fact, the real target may well be the Egyptian government.

"Week Five of the Russian Intervention in Syria: The Russians Are Digging in" and the comment by Ron Unz.

"Is Charlie Hebdo a Western Hate-Machine?"

"Canada’s new FM: Era of special relationship with Israel is over"  "Justin Trudeau to restore Canada’s relationship with Iran"  I wouldn't get too optimistic, as the Jewish billionaires still own the Liberals, but I wouldn't expect Justin to sing 'Hey Jude' (I think Harper was actually singing 'Hey Jew') to Bibi.

"The Extraordinary Trial of Arthur Topham"  At the end a discussion of Atzmon's testimony.

"Victoria Nuland’s Capitol Hill Comedy of Errors"

"Donald Trump stole Richard Nixon’s playbook: Why the “silent majority” and media bashing always works"  If the Clintons manage to set up Clinton versus Trump, the next American Presidential election will be Tricky Dicky running against himself.  Actually, the real Nixon would be much preferable to either of them.

"Source: Key Clinton emails did not contain highly classified secrets"  The title and first half of this article is a lie, which you can see if you read through to the end.  The 'source' must be from Clinton's campaign.

"What Bill O’Reilly’s new book on Ronald Reagan gets wrong about Ronald Reagan"  Bizarre clash between adherents of the Church of Ronnie and, of all people, apostate Bill O’Reilly.

"Specifics, Now That TPP Has Finally Been Removed From Secrecy"
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