Monday, November 23, 2015


"This is the Paris suicide bomber who killed Diesel the police dog"

"Skanky suicide bomber used to be a selfie-taking party animal"  Note how “Help me! Help me!” has become a trick to lure police to their deaths.

The police had to walk the story back as she was just too secular to be a committed Islamist suicide bomber:  "26yo would-be jihadist 'did not blow herself up in Paris raid' – police":  ". . . because another member of the jihadist cell, previously unaccounted for, detonated a bomb . . . ."

Now the entire story, completely manufactured from photos purchased by a 'journalist', has bombed:  "Innocent Woman Mistaken For Suicide Bomber"

"Rue du Corbillon, Saint-Denis Raid Site"

Was there even a suicide bomber?  Is Diesel even dead?  Can we believe what we read?
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