Friday, November 06, 2015

More radical solutions

The Siege of Aleppo was lifted.  This is huge.

"Report: U.S. Warplane Gunned Down Doctors Without Borders Staffers Fleeing Burning Hospital".  Zio-American standard operating procedure.

"John Helmer: Chrystia Freeland Demoted In New Canadian Cabinet – She And The Ukraine Lobby Hit By Siklebaum Disease"  Disaster in the waiting.  I predict the first big corruption scandal in about two years.

"Leaked Emails From Pro-Clinton Group Reveal Censorship of Staff on Israel, AIPAC Pandering, Warped Militarism"  "Ann Lewis and AIPAC pressured Democratic thinktank to censor writers deemed ‘anti-Israel’"  Hil's always much worse than we can possibly imagine.  Note the process by which the Center for American Progress was Ziofied.

"Full Text of TPP, Including Annexes, and Boy is it Nasty"  "TPP Text Finally Released … It’s Even Worse Than We Thought"  There is zero chance that this won't be pushed through.  American analysis is so mendacious that the stated hope is that Koch's paid thugs, the 'Tea Party', are going to be the ones to save the country!

"TSA failed to detect weapons 95 percent of the time, according to leaked report"

"A Few Thoughts About the Rumors Around the Downing of Kogalymavia Flight 9268"

"America’s Chalabi Legacy of Lies"

"Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved?"  "Faster, Please!"  "Three Days in Rome"  "Niger-Gate: The Scandal Behind The Scandal"  "La Pillola Avvelenata" "Michael Ledeen?s Fingers in the Niger Yellowcake" How soon we forget Ledeen.

"The New Yorker Doesn’t Factcheck What ‘Everyone Knows’ Is True"  Just more Zionist propaganda lies, including spreading MEK nonsense as established facts.  See also:  "Dexter Filkins and the New Yorker: Was his story fact checked? Why is his anon source “Dany” saying the same damaging things, at the same time, as “Dani” in David Enders piece at McClatchy Newspapers?"

"Confessions of a Paywall Journalist"  As we've seen so many times, the sole purpose of the mainstream media is to lie.  This has caused some problems in their business model, as people wonder why they should be paying to be lied to.  Thus, inevitably, we have the rise of premium media sources, where you pay a lot more money to guarantee you will receive fewer lies.

"Statistical study of Turkey's general election suggests widespread vote manipulation"  In the 1995 Quebec separation referendum, the fraud, which failed, was to take votes cast in heavily Anglophone areas, where the vote was heavily against separation, and flip them to count as votes in favor of separation.

"Report on first week of Supreme Court Trial R v Roy Arthur Topham by Arthur Topham"  Note Topham's expert witness!

"Why Obama and Hollande Are Right on Syria – Bernard-Henri Lévy/HuffPo":  "Or perhaps more radical solutions — of the type implemented in Germany and Japan after World War II — are now required."
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