Saturday, November 21, 2015

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"Why Qatar Wants “to Make Friends” With Russia"  Elite comment is pointing more and more towards Qatar as the sponsor of particular terror acts.

"Week Seven of the Russian Intervention in Syria: Dramatic Surge in Intensity":
"There is an uncanny political dimension to this about which I am frankly very unsure. Everybody in Russia knows that Qatar is the prime sponsor of terrorism in Syria and in Egypt. How will the Kremlin square that knowledge with the publicly made promise to punish every person guilty for the murder of 224 Russian citizens in anybody’s guess. Since Qatar is basically one giant US base, there is no way to strike at Qatar without hitting the CENTCOM. Alternatively, the Russians could decided to hunt down and kill specific Qatari officials in various “accidents”. What is certain is that the Russian foreign intelligence service – SVR – has teams capable of such actions (Zaslon, Vympel), as does the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff – GRU – which has Spetsnaz GRU officer teams and special operation forces SSO units capable of such operations. For better deniability (assuming that is a goal), the Russians might also use their deep connections inside the Russian mob (quite a few of whom are ex-secret services, especially in the middle-ranks) to “subcontract” such an operation. Whatever options the Kremlin choses, I would not sleep well if I was a Qatari official involved in this atrocity. Bottom line: Putin has publicly made it a point of personal honor to get every single one of the bastards responsible, regardless of where or who they are, and I strongly believe that he will deliver on that promise."
"Sanders Fingers Kuwait and Qatar, but Not Saudi Arabia as Fostering ISIS"  You have to wonder if World Jewry has decided to throw the Qatari princes under the bus to save the Saudi princes.

"Chinese security forces kill 28 foreign-led "terrorists" after attack on mine"  This happened on September 18, so the timing of the first official mention of it is interesting.

"War on Terror Is a Joke - Pics of ISIS Fighters at McDonald's ... in Turkey"

"ISIL Militant Admits to Buying Arms in Ukraine, Sending to Syria Via Turkey"

A comment at Zero Hedge by Hugh G Rection:
"You know western intelligence agencies are behind ISIS, right?
Don't worry though Ziotards.  Cass Sunstein has unleashed an army of disinfo monkeys peddling nonsense about fake victims, holograms, space beams and lizard hybrid butt fucking blood drinkers."
There is an interview on the internet of Engdahl spouting this fake victim nonsense (which goes well with his Qatari pipeline nonsense).  This is obviously a CIA disinfo technique to denigrate the ideas of 'conspiracy theorists', and it works extremely well.  Nothing makes you look more like a nutter off your meds than things like claims of victim fakery at Sandy Hook, Boston, and now Paris, and hologram attacks and 'controlled demolition' in New York.  (Cass - Star Wars as Zio-American imperial propaganda).

"Fearing Technology: The Islamic State, PlayStation and “Going Dark”"

"PBS NewsHour Uses Russian Airstrike Footage While Claiming U.S. Airstrike Successes"  This is what happens when you are fighting a fake war and have no legitimate success footage for your propaganda outlet!

"CNN’s New ‘Source’: ISIS Magazine – Claims ‘Schweppes Bomb’ Brought Down Russian Airliner"

"Tangled Threads of US False Narratives" by Robert Parry.

Comment by Kiza to a Patrick Cockburn piece promising 'Islamist' (i.e., CIA) terror attacks in Britain should Cameron pretend to fight ISIS:
"I tried to find one word about the Western creation and support of ISIS in Cockburn’s prolific writing, I searched and searched, but nothing. ISIS came out of the blue sky or murky forces of the Middle East.
But, if one disregards truth, then Cockburn’s writing is informational because it shows what the left-leaning Britons should think according to their regime (one party – two names)."
"Myanmar's New Dictator: Aung San Suu Kyi" She's one of the longest examples of the CIA long con.

Billmon tweets on Trump/Joe McCarthy.  Trump's free-form campaign has a progression:
  1. allow crazies to state hate in a 'question' at a rally and say nothing against it at the time;
  2. in the following day or days, put out feelers by suggesting that this is an idea that needs to be considered;
  3. then appropriate the idea as part of the campaign platform, something that must be done to save the country;
  4. the other Republican candidates are then forced to catch up.
"The Amazing Trump-Wingnut Policy Conveyor Belt"  "Islamophobia Surges on the Right" (in case you still think Trump isn't completely controlled by World Jewry, though the bigger trick is obviously to get Hillary elected by having the wing-nuts force the 'mainstream' Republicans further and further to the right).

"Haim Saban Retracts Muslim ‘Scrutiny’ Comment: ‘I Misspoke’"  "Hillary’s War Whoop"

"Why it pays to be a settler in Israel – Mazal Mualem/Al-Monitor"
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