Thursday, November 12, 2015

Plotting a color revolution

"Leaked tape exposes Georgia ex-President Saakashvili for ‘inciting bloodshed’"  "Saakashvili's Foiled Coup Plot - Breaking It Down"  Plotting a color revolution in Georgia from his position of Governor of Odessa in Ukraine.

"Syria: Citizens returning to recaptured towns, with a war conspectus"  The day you are freed from terrorism must be a joyous one.  Those, like the Angry Arab, who claim there is no difference between ISIS and the Syrian government, are simply morally obtuse for the purpose of attempting to ostentatiously display some kind of lefty credentials.

There is lots of progress in the de-terrorizing of Syria.  "Jihadi Apocalypse (A War Game) Turn 3"  "Syria conflict: Army 'breaks IS siege of Kuwairis airbase'"  "Kuwayres air base liberated by Syrian forces!"

"US-Turkey Invasion Derailed by Syrian Army Triumph at Kuweires"  "Was the Turkish election rigged?" (writing this was a firing offense)

"Support for a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria Should Be Disqualifying"

"Did Someone Try To Sabotage Russia's North Stream Gas Pipeline With An Underwater Drone"  This war - the war between civilization and Zio-American degeneracy - has many fronts.

"Ukraine stands to lose $2 bln from Nord-stream II"

"John Helmer: Australian and Dutch Officials Lose Control on MH17"

"UK Accuses U.S. Of Supporting Terrorists But Sells Out To Saudi Arabia"  Tweet (Emile Hokayem):
"In Vienna, Western gvts fell in Ru/Iran/Assad trap by agreeing to clearly define who is a terrorist group in Syria …"
Tweet (Ian56):
"Obama told Putin that he was upset because Russia was bombing his terrorists

"Remembering Harold Yates — and the Corrupt British Politicians Complicit in His Death":
"Incredibly, at a time when the British Army was taking casualties from Jewish terrorist attacks in Palestine, here were two senior Labour members — one a Minister — conspiring to agree to an attack on British soldiers."
The Jewish Problem, the corrupt control by World Jewry of treasonous western politicians for Zionist supremacist ends, has been a serious problem for a long, long time.  "How Israel Out-Foxed US Presidents"

"Israel's demands."  " Obama, Netanyahu Negotiate $2B Increase in US Military Aid to Israel"  Negotiate!

"Netanyahu urges Obama to ‘think different’ on Golan Heights annexation"

"Detroit Radio Show Booted by Pro-Israel Network for Blatant Antisemitic Broadcast – Ruthie Blum/"

"After Netanyahu fiasco at CAP, last laugh is on Neera Tanden"  This is typical lite Zionist bloviation unless Tanden is fired.  If not, Bibi has a huge win.  "Another Netanyahu lie at CAP"

"What the Videos Show: Israel is Killing in Cold Blood"

"Feds Never Charged the Real Hacker in the Matthew Keys Case"  More proof this was an attack on the principle of a journalist protecting a source and not about cyber-crime or security.

"Living and Dying on Airbnb"  Note how Airbnb is a method for crooked capitalists to set up a hotel system without regulations or having to pay for staff or liability insurance.

Tweet (Peter Timberlake):
"This has made my morning so far. Official photo from Remembrance Day service issued by Downing Street 😀"
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