Sunday, November 29, 2015

Refuse to Remain Silent

"URGENT: US-Turkey Edging Up to Syrian Border"  Kagan has issued the marching orders to various stooges of World Jewry.  Curiously, there is still resistance in the United States - needless to say, Hollande and the pig fucker have jumped to attention - flowing from anger within the American Jewish billionaire class (Bibi's dissing of the Democrats, and thus the Jewish billionaires who support Barry, is still rankling).  Note how critically important it is for World Jewry to keep the Turkish border available for ISIS.

"Of Sultans, Muscovites and "no fly zones""

"Turkey reels as Putin imposes Stiff Economic Sanctions"

"The Collision Course in Syria" (the burning is right at the end of the video, not at 3:30; see also here for a cute picture of the effigy):
"In the Polish city of Wroclaw, nationalists chanting “God, honor, and Fatherland” recently burned an orthodox Jew in effigy at an anti-immigrant demonstration in the Polish city of Wrocław. (Go to 3:30 for footage of the burning.) The twisted thinking apparently is that since international forces are seemingly flooding Poland with refugees, Jews must somehow be responsible."

Twisted? I'd say they have identified the problem with extreme accuracy. The problem is that this is an Islamphobic demonstration, which means, as usual, the right identifies the problem and then proceeds to do exactly what the Islamophobes want them to do.

"A Hybrid War to break the Balkans?" Andrew Korybko on the bigger issue, which is Russia and China moving products to Europe through the Balkans.  I personally see the current problems faced by World Jewry as connected to a collapse in the larger goal structure of various actors.  For example, the refugee crisis and the latest terrorism have suddenly made Europeans aware that the costs of supporting the territorial goals of World Jewry far, far, far, far, far exceed any possible benefit for Europeans.  Of course, those costs have always exceeded the benefits (there are no benefits, except to a handful of rich people who make money off the security state, and the politicians who receive the bribes and protection from blackmail), but that fact is suddenly impossible to hide.

"Turkey Downs Russian Plane, Joins With Islamic State: U.S. Should Drop New Ottoman Empire As Ally"  This is from Forbes!:  ". . . in the Middle East U.S. and Russian interests broadly coincide."  Such deep and pure anti-Semitism is to be applauded, and represents a profound paleocon belief which it has been dangerous to say out loud (note Marshall's fury at the idea of 'Putin worship').

"Belgian Physicists Calculate that Everyone Is Lying About the Downed Russian Jet"  Misleading title, as the Russian 'mistake' is completely irrelevant, while the Turkish mistakes relate directly to the key perfidy of Turkish actions.

"Israel Permits Russian Overflight of Israeli Airspace"  Permits?  Is it just possible that without access to the bribery and blackmail Israel is just a small inconsequential place that has to go along with what it is told?

Some truth from the deep weeds:  "Anon finds the similarities between Charlie Hebdo and the Paris Attacks."

"D.B. Cooper, Me, and My POI"  The author has novel suspects in mind for the Zodiac Killer and for EAR/ONS.

Tweet (Leighton Lewis):
"Hear Hear.  Too Bloody Right!!"
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