Thursday, November 19, 2015

Safety Check

"Paris terror attacks — who profits?: Escobar"  Hint of a joint exercise between ISIS and French intelligence (my emphasis in red):
"The star of the show seems to be this smiling man, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, aka Abu Omar Al-Baljiki, which French intel is now floating as the possible mastermind of the Paris massacre.

Talk about a jihadi superstar; he delights in social media, gives interviews to jihadi outlets, organizes attacks (the previous one, last January, failed), humiliates Belgian security with his back-and-forth between Europe and Syria, and always manages to concoct a daring escape. As a piece of casting, he certainly beats Ben Whishaw as “Q”.

Further discrepancies are evident when the three teams at the Paris carnage are compared.

The Stade de France team featured absolute patsies trying to enter a high-visibility football match in a heavily policed stadium wearing a suicide vest. Just expendable “martyrs” – “Syrian passport” and all.

The Bataclan team featured calm, relatively proficient shooters, but still martyrs. They knew a hostage situation, in France, could only finish with their “martyrdom”. Less expendable, but still expendable.

The heart of the matter is the drive-by team. Or “teams”. The investigation seems to be clueless about them. The killers at La Belle Équipe arrived on a black Mercedes, according to witnesses. There is no mention of this Mercedes anywhere. The killers were ultra-pro, muscular, methodical – and white.

These are the non-expendables. The high-priced mercenaries. While the whole media circus spreads from Grenoble and Toulouse to Brussels and even Raqqa, they have simply vanished without a trace. No one knows who they are. No one knows who hired them. Hardly social network jihadi al-Baljiki.

Now take a close look at this meeting in D.C., which took place only a little over two weeks before the Paris tragedy. It features CIA’s John Brennan, the director of French DGSE (external security) Bernard Bajolet, former MI6 Chief John Sawers (call him the former “M”), and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror.

Bajolet tells us that at least 500 French jihadis from “Syraq” might present a threat; compare it with 4,000 in respect to Russia (and that explains Putin’s determination to go after all shades of jihadism). Bajolet insists that cooperation between all the services has to be perfect, to “avoid any dead angle”; “dead angles” abounded in the Paris tragedy. And cooperation must be pan-Western. That would include the NSA capturing the whole planetary “chatter”.

Brennan predictably speaks CIAnese – “advance operational security”, etc. – but at least admits a staggering logistical problem to “process, store and disseminate” so much information.

Bajolet, significantly, pre-empts the Paris intel failure, saying the French “disrupted a number of attacks” in September, in cooperation with the CIA and the NSA. So how come the NSA did not capture any “chatter” previous to Paris 11/13? Bajolet once again pre-empts; these attacks are “difficult to detect” when they come “from your own territory”. Actually the investigation is leading towards Paris 11/13 being largely conceived in Brussels."
Note that Escobar's cui bono exercise collapses at the end of his article.  I've noticed this difficulty throughout the better analyses.  Of course, you would expect a cui bono analysis involving ISIS to collapse if ISIS is just a stooge front for the Zio-American Empire.

Note also that a joint French intelligence/Saudi-backed Islamist operation immediately answers a lot of the contradictions in the attack.  For one thing, there was an extensive propaganda preparation of the French people in the weeks before the attack, hardly within the scope of ISIS.

"Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International"  Worth the ten minutes, but he holds back - probably for tactical reasons as he is obviously hip - on root causes.

"France’s 9/11 Moment Sees Politicians On All Sides Veer Right"  As intended.

"Paris 13/11: Operation Gladio?"  The only non-moronic method of analysis is to come back to the root causes of any of this kind of nonsense:
  1. intelligence and military connections to far-right fascist politics; and
  2. Jewish territorial expansionism in the Middle East.
This isn't complicated, but the tendency to veer off from the truth, even by otherwise smart analysts, is literally killing us.

"U.S. Says No Cooperation with Russia Unless Assad Is Removed"  Contains the howler that Hollande is attempting "to bring together a France-U.S.-Russia coalition against the jihadists" (absolutely nothing in the entire universe could be further from the truth!), but it is interesting how clear the Pentagon remains on the pure-Zionist anti-Assad line while Barry is actually prevaricating.

"John Helmer: The Barbarians at the Gate of Civilization, but Which Empire is Falling?"  The problem of Europe as stated by Niall Ferguson is 'decadence', i.e., insufficient fascism.
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