Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, America, France and the UK

"Police believe attackers used forged passports to stigmatize refugees"  Stigmatize?  It is funny how a false-flag concept finds its way into a mainstream headline.  It appears the operation was entirely Europe-based.  "Syrian Passport May Have Been Planted To Implicate Refugees, Says German Minister"  Either a French intelligence agency connected to modern European fascism, or a real Islamist terrorist organization, has motive to remind Europeans of the danger of terrorists arriving as refugees.  In a way, discussion of false flag is irrelevant, as there is no moral or practical difference between the intelligence agencies and the Islamists; they are all terrorists with differing motives.

"Alexandr Dugin: "Why we fight in Syria""  "Medvedev urges the West to unite with Russia in the fight against terrorism"

"Russia strikes ISIS with cruise missiles from a Mediterranean submarine for the first time in history"  I'll refrain from some joke about the September 11 attack on the Pentagon (probably a land-based cruise missile attack and certainly not from the Mediterranean).

"The Unmagnificent Seven: Naming ISIS Allies"  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, America, France and the UK.

"1mn Syrians return home since launch of Russian anti-ISIS ops - Syria UN ambassador"  One million.  The Russia/Syria/Iran/Hezbollah actions in Syria are the most noble deeds done in the world today, and you'd have to be a monster or a Zionist (but I repeat myself) to oppose them in any way.

"The story about the 40 "rebel groups" which condemned the attacks in Paris":  ". . . probably at some PR firm on K Street in Washington, DC"

"Paris attacks: Video showing 'London Muslims celebrating terror attacks' is fake"  Cricket.

"NYT Quietly Pulls Article Blaming Encryption In Paris Attacks"  "Paris Attacks Blamed on Strong Cryptography and Edward Snowden"  "Exploiting Emotions About Paris to Blame Snowden, Distract from Actual Culprits Who Empowered ISIS"  The real issues are that ISIS is a Zio-American creation and tool (so all ISIS actions, by definition, are the fault of the Zio-American Empire) and, of course, why, with all the billions spent on snooping, and the accompanying massive loss of personal freedom, the authorities never, ever stop any legitimate terror attacks (I'm not counting the laughable FBI patsy-creation operations), even when, as again in this case, they are given specific and detailed warnings.

"Terrorist Arrests in Germany, Belgium; Nine Warning Signs Ignored; Could Attacks Have Been Prevented?"

I thought Laura Rozen was one of the relatively good ones.  She most definitely isn't:  tweet (Laura Rozen) (many of the replies are intelligent):
"Assad manages to make himself look like a scumbag idiot again"
"Finkelstein Weighs in on Salaita Settlement"  Finkelstein is always revealing himself, but the lite Zionists pretend not to notice.

"Notorious ‘Eurabia’ professor removed from panel event at Parliament"  "Video: Israel studies director assaults Texas students"

"Running for top UN job, UNESCO chief to appear at Zionist celebration on Capitol Hill"  Note that part of the Zio-vetting process involves giving credibility to a particularly vile Zionist propaganda exercise.

"Pure Copyfraud: Anne Frank Foundation Trying To Pretend Her Father Wrote Her Diary... To Extend Its Copyright"  I always thought it was the uncle!

"FBI Re-Launching Effort To Find The Prolific And Deadly East Area Rapist"  This must be the record for the biggest - most crimes and most evidence - unsolved case.  See:  "The East Area Rapist (EAR) Original Night Stalker (ONS) Golden State Killer" and "Files on the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker".

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (there are signs of a revolution in Washington but we have not yet seen the Jewish - and, yes, that is the right description of the villains - warmongering counter-revolution):
"Get ready for a massive media narrative shift on Putin/Russia now that USGovt seems to be moving closer to them..."

Tweet (Rupert Murdoch) (many have wondered whether Rupert himself could pass that test):
"Obama facing enormous opposition in accepting refugees.     Maybe make special exception for proven Christians."
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