Monday, November 02, 2015

Serious breaches

"Violence in the Name of the Messiah – Noah Feldman/Bloomberg View"  Must read, but, of course, it perpetrates the usual Jewish mythology that messianic Judaism has nothing whatsoever to do with the Israeli government, a position, if you look at the facts on the ground, that is simply ludicrous.  Since World Jewry supports Israel without question, the Jews as a supremacist group support messianic Judaism.  This kind of immoral and insane drift always happens with supremacists.

Tweet (David Sheen):
"White Supremacist @davidfrum: Israel to be destroyed, unless it's ethnically cleansed of non-Jewish African refugees"

"Can Pan-European Hysteria Save NATO's Syrian War?"  This is backwards.  There are conspiracy elements to this (particularly in Turkey), but the refugee issue is what turned Germany against the dangerous terrorism and refugee creation of the Zio-American Empire, and allowed Putin to start his anti-terrorist clean-up operation.

"Abundant claims of vote rigging on election day"  Given the ongoing disaster of Erdoğan's rule, including a false-flag attack that the whole country saw through, it is v-e-r-y difficult to believe that his political fortunes improved this much. He's claiming this is a vote for 'stability'!

"Russian plane crash not caused by technical fault: Metrojet official"  They are claiming it could only have been shot down!

"Palestinian lawyer talks about iconic photo of tear gas kick"  "Red Crescent: Over 2,600 shot with live, rubber bullets in October"

"The U.S. Spends $35 Billion ‘Helping’ Out The World… But Where Does All this Money Really Go?"  Apart from the obvious size, note the GDP per capita color coding.  Parasite and host.  "Three-card Monte For the American Masses"

"5 months in jail in Ireland for doubting 'Holocaust'".  Judge:  "I regard his behavior on this occasion as one of the most serious breaches of the Criminal Justice Public Order Act that I have come across."   Free Speech?  Freedom of assembly?  Right to political protest?  To hell with that shit. A combination of blasphemy and lèse majesté deserves the harshest penalty

Tweet (Leith Abou Fadel):
"HAHAHAHHAHA whoever did this @KenRoth Wikipedia page deserves a Nobel Peace Prize:"
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