Saturday, November 07, 2015


"Meet the ‘unpeople’ – Whose views don’t matter to West’s faux-democrats":
"In January 2012, the Guardian’s veteran foreign correspondent Jonathan Steele, a man with great first-hand knowledge of Syria and the Middle East, wrote a comment piece on a YouGov poll which showed that 55 percent of Syrians supported their President. It was entitled: ’Most Syrians back President Assad, but you’d never know from Western media’. 

Needless to say, Steele was attacked for saying the unspeakable as far as the Western faux-democrats are concerned.

Syrians who support the government - and even Syrians who aren’t Baathists, but who engaged in the political process after the introduction of the new 2012 constitution - don’t exist for the West’s faux-democrats, because they have the ’wrong’ views."

"Trump courted megadonors he now scorns"  A lot of the haters immediately abandoned him, reflected in the polls, when he indicated in the most recent debate support for immigrant labor in high tech.

"Giscard d'Estaing: French insistance on removing Assad "very unwise""

"Fire Baratz or don't come."  Bibi just can't stop lobbing insults at Barry and the American people.

"What’s the Big Deal Between Russia and the Saudis?" by Pepe Escobar.  The Russians still engage in actual, old-fashioned, diplomacy, talking to everybody, something that is beyond the abilities or appetite of the Americans.

"Washington prepares for World War III"  I think they'll have to wait for Hillary.

"Washington’s intent in Syria is to induce collapse and then partition the country"  Yinon disguised, not very well, as counter-terrorism.

"Insight - Russian plane crash points to Egypt's counterinsurgency flaws"  As always, and it is not a bug but a feature, the War On Terror creates many more terrorists than it kills.

"CIA, Saudis To Give "Select" Syrian Militants Weapons Capable Of Downing Commercial Airliners"  If any state actor decides to shoot down a commercial aircraft in the region they can now blame it on 'terrorism'.

Another must-read:  "Turkey: Rotten Politics and Promise of Revolution"

"Muzzled Canadian scientists now free to speak with media"

"Iceland PM: We dodged the EU bullet"

"Viktor Bout: 90 days in Solitary for Making Kombucha in Cell"  Guys like Bout never end up in jail.  This is a mystery.  Note also the reference to the Konstantin Yaroshenko story, a big case of imperial overreach involving the comical DEA.

"Full Text Of TPP Released: And It's Really, Really Bad"  The basic principle of capitalism is that you get to keep what you have, regardless of what you did to acquire it, and the definition of what you have constantly increases in scope.  Corporations can now ratchet various definitions of what you can have in various countries off of one another.  Any kind of social progress is now considered to be theft.

"JonBenet Ramsey's Father Still "Sort of" Thinks Her Killer Will Be Found"  Useful link in the comments:  "Jonbenet Ramsey: How The Investigation Got Derailed -- And Why It Still Matters"
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