Monday, November 23, 2015

Various tricks

"Russian Air Forces Complete 141 Sorties, Strike 472 Terrorist Facilities"  It remains striking, not to mention tremendously embarrassing, that Russia each day manages to accomplish more in the war against ISIS than the US and its allies have managed to do in years.

"How You Were Tricked Into 'Supporting' The Syrian War"  There is trickery for each War For The Jews.

"U.S. has avoided attacking ISIS from the air if it's fighting the Syrian army"  World Jewry is pure chutzpah, continuing to use its control of the media to tell the lie that it is Assad who supports ISIS, or the slightly more sophisticated story that Assad makes Sunnis so angry that they flock to ISIS.  In the real world, Syrians, including Sunnis, rejoice when they are liberated by the Syrian army from ISIS.

"Brussels Closed Second Day; Spain and UK Consider Joining Fight Against ISIS; Creating Enemies When None Exist"  We should probably shake our heads, and ask who is suggesting that the war on ISIS is best approached by attacking the only army capable of fighting ISIS.

"Rethinking ‘Assad Must Go’ Slogan"  "Congresswoman: CIA Must Stop Attacking Assad"  'Assad Must Go' is pure Yinon, and makes no sense outside of the realm of Jewish violent supremacist territorial expansion.  Assad is the only person who can currently run a functioning secular government in Syria, and that is the only reason World Jewry wants him gone.

"No peace can come to Syria without Assad – Lavrov"

"ISIL Created by US Interventionism, Saudi Money & Wahhabi Ideology – Assad"

"New U.S.-Turkish Bluster For Open War On Syria"  Kagan!  Nuff said.

"Will battle for Aleppo determine Syria’s fate?"  With bonus phony Jewish musings at the end.

The huge reason for optimism in all this, despite the ongoing machinations/bribery/blackmail of World Jewry, is that the double whammy of unchecked mass refugee flows and mass terrorism has scared Germany - France is so Jewed up it is worse than useless, and will continue on its self-destructive path to complete ruination - into threatening Barry with a pivot to Russia unless Barry makes some real efforts to deal with ISIS and similar Zio-American trickery.  What has happened is that the various stunts of World Jewry have finally backfired so seriously and obviously that Europeans are faced with complete destruction of their civilization - this destruction is considered a bonus punishment for the Holocaust by World Jewry, and excitement for it seems to have caused the Jews to make a tactical mistake - unless their politicians stop sucking on the shekels.
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