Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wut indeed

Tweet (Iain):
"One is a Nazi cartoon laughing at Jews denied entry to democratic countries. The other is the Daily Mail today."
"Someone Wants War with Russia"  Thinking about Frum's call for forced mass deportations from Israel, there is one group whose mass deportation from western countries and the Holy Land would result in the immediate end of terrorism.  100% guaranteed!  I'm not advocating it.  Just sayin'.

"The Extraordinary Trial of Arthur Topham: Part 2"  "Canadian faces prison for exposing Jewish call for extermination of Germans!"  "GUILTY/NOT GUILTY! by Arthur Topham"  "TRUTH JIHAD: Gilad Atzmon bears witness to the trial of Arthur Topham by Dr. Kevin Barrett"  Topham is convicted of inciting hatred, a crime for which he could go to jail, for publishing a satirical piece that obviously is making fun of haters and the misuse of 'hatred' as a political tool by those in power (the real crime seems to be that he made fun of Jewish haters, and in the meta crazy world in which we live it is considered hatred to make fun of certain powerful haters), yet Frum can call for forced mass deportations based on group identity and what do we hear from Canadian officials and pundits?  Crickets.

Someone:  "Jewish Parasite Josh Rogin Says Assad Wins Paris Attack, Must be Shut Down"

The Jews, discussing a ruthless and dangerous terrorist organization that is only capable of being defeated by Assad and his army (with help), consistently tell us the only thing to be done is to attack Assad.  Do we really need any more evidence of the identity of the real terrorists and terrorist enablers?

"Putin: Hottest Ticket in Town at G20; Road to Peace Runs Through Moscow"  Despite a lot of wailing from the traditional wailers and warmongers, there is room for optimism.  "Obama Says Strategy to Fight ISIS Will Succeed"  "The Vienna agreement that no one seems to have noticed…"  Note how the media simply fails to cover news outside the Zio-American narrative.

"Putin presents evidence of illegal ISIS oil trade at G20"  The failure to cut off ISIS oil funding is the positive proof that Zio-American efforts against ISIS are a charade.

Hollande is still all Jewed-up, but:  "French Politicians Call on Francois Hollande to Reconsider France’s Foreign Policy towards Syria"

"Turkey: We warned France twice about Paris attacker"

"A Critical Examination of the 2012 DIA Document Predicting the Rise of the Islamic State"  I'd be a little careful about this as it seems to advocate a 'let it happen' conspiracy rather than the truth, which is much more pro-active.

"Paris Attack: Isis Has Created a New Kind of Warfare" by Patrick Cockburn.  Skip the article, read the comments!

"US officials should be brought to justice for ‘supporting ISIL’"  "Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members"  "Putin Names And Shames Obama Into Bombing IS Oil Smugglers"

"Could Saudi Arabia or Qatar Be Behind the Crash of the Russian Airbus?"

"Schumer: ‘Condoning’ Terror Against Israel Led to Paris Attacks"  "CAIR Hypocrisy On Full Display After Terrorism Hits Beirut And Paris"  "Netanyahu: In wake of Paris attacks, world should condemn attacks against Israel"

"Spanish High Court issues arrest warrants for Netanyahu and six Israeli ministers"  Tweet (OccPal-Gaza):
"Four Israeli occupation commanders responsible for attacks on Mavi Marmara flotilla face arrest in South Africa"

Tweet (old iron ass):
"haha wut http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/03/world/middleeast/syria-civil-war-israel-golan-heights.html …"
"‘I will bomb your f*cking location’: Muslims face violent threats as Trump urges ban on mosques"  Canada has haters too:  "Peterborough mosque arson is suspected hate crime" (for Canadian prosecutors, led around by the nose by powerful groups of racist violent supremacists, this is what real hatred looks like).  But.  The just-elected Member of Parliament for the area was born in Afghanistan.
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