Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A better world for nothing

"Sarah Colborne – A Solidarity Campaigner Or A Traitor"  You have to assume that all leaders of anti-Zionist groups are compromised.  Those are the first shekels that would issue from the Jewish billionaires who have made it abundantly clear that all anti-Zionist groups are under attack (although we also have to remember the tendency of BDS to support Zionism by focusing only on settler outrages).

"2016 Trends Forecast, mega analysis by Andrew Korybko"  Mega!

"Israel's Infantilized Zionist-Orthodoxy And The "Wedding Dance Of Hate""  "Seething with anger and fear"  Imagine your country run by say, Scientologists, and you get an inkling of Israel.

"Merry Fucking Christmas: there is no holiday from racist police state USA"  The great question is what an American policeman would have to do to be indicted and convicted.  The issue is very deep as it is juries and grand juries, i.e., everyday Americans, who commit these outrages.

"Simon Wiesenthal Center Ranks Top 10 Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Incidents of 2015"  You'll see the importance to World Jewry of the obvious false flag in San Bernardino.

"Turkey: A Criminal State, a NATO State"  "What’s Behind Turkey’s Repeated Calls for No-Fly Zone in Syria?"

"Kim Dotcom Challenges U.S. Govt. In Christmas Address"  "The Heroic IRS Agent Story Should Raise More Questions about Silk Road Investigation"

"Retro Cold War Guff from the NY Times"  Never, ever, forget that World Jewry is convinced that WWIII would be 'good for the Jews' and Israel intends to use it as an escape hatch when things get too tough for Zionist imperialism.

The 'moderates':  "Syrian rebels' political demands."

"Main Saudi Mufti Calls ISIS "Soldiers Of Israel""  Baghdadi's recent mention of Israel stands out as ISIS never threatens Israel in any way.

Tweet (GregorydJohnsen) (Power is not just an utterly insane mass-murdering monster, but a monster peculiarly lacking in self-awareness):
"Some kind of tweet, given US assistance to Saudi in this war"

Tweet (Raffi Cavoukian) (I hate and despise climate change denialists so much):
"ah yes. 
#ClimateAction #sustainability"
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