Thursday, December 24, 2015

Awash with hatred

"Israeli PM condemns video of Jewish extremists mocking death of toddler" (with the quintessential Jew-controlled-media deflecting headline).  "Israeli Terror Suspect, Amiram Benoliel, Confesses to Dawabsheh Murder" (note Silverstein accepts the extremely unlikely torture story, for which there is not a shred of evidence, and which was created by the settlers to change the issue). "Video: Israeli youths dance, stab picture of murdered Palestinian baby" (again, note how this is essentially deep Zionist propaganda by obsessing on the torture story).  "Douma Murder Suspects Released"

"A Christmas Miracle: CNN Discovers “Jewish Terrorism”!"

"Turkish forces barely regrouped, far from announced partial withdrawal – Iraqi defense spokesman"

"ISW year's end analysis of operations in Syria."

"Putin Blues"

"War Is Realizing the Israelizing of the World"  Useful history of the main Zionist strategy.

"Beware “Sunni-Stan”"

"Hersh, Gauthier, and the Coming of Terror in Xinjiang"  China needs to wake up and become more actively anti-Zionist fast if it is to avoid becoming Yinonized.

"How Do We Memorialize Lord Janner, Jewish Leader Accused of Child Abuse?"  I'd put the chances of his really being dead at between 15 and 25%.  Unless, of course, he was maxwelled.
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