Saturday, December 26, 2015


"Jewish Terrorists Burned An Israeli Church, Now Israel's Government Is Screwing The Church Out Of The Money It Needs To Rebuild"

"Israelis are calling it a ‘new kind of Palestinian terror’ – William Booth, Ruth Eglash/The Washington Post"

Tweet (Nima Shirazi) (link to the garbage, which is quite amazing, even by neocon standards):
"@ggreenwald Precisely, which is why it's no surprise one of its "Associate Fellows" is peddling this garbage:"
"Congress seeks to undermine Iran deal by linking Iran with ISIS"

"The Death of Zahran Alloush"  Death of a 'moderate'.

"The ‘Anti-Imperialist’ Who Got Libya Wrong Serves Up The Same Failed Analysis on Syria"

"Assad Is Reaching Out to Washington Insiders – Josh Rogin/Bloomberg View"  As usual, skip the horseshit article and read the comments (while you still can).

"Leaked documents that were not attributed to Snowden"

"Peterborough mosque reopens after arson, donates fundraiser money"

The impressive 'science' called Biblical archaeology:  "Facebook User Solves the Mystery of the “Ancient Relic” Found in an Israeli Cemetery"  No doubt the personal 'Beamer' of King David.
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