Sunday, December 27, 2015


"Syria: Has Anyone Stepped Back from the Brink?"  The Jewish billionaire  money is sloshing around Washington, and you can tell the level of the tide by how sane the Americans are acting.

"No need for conspiracy: US seeks ‘regime preservation’ in Syria"  Apparently the purest form of anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism is Wahhabism!

News from the Barnyard:  "A Moving tribute (by Anne Barnard) to moderately polygamous, moderately sectarian, and moderately murderous, and moderately Salafite Zahran Alloush"

"Turkey’s Weasel Problem"

"100 "Diehard" ISIS Militants Stand Between Iraqi Army And Recapturing Key City"  From May, when such talk was crazy 'conspiracy theory':  "Iranian Military Official Accuses U.S. of Letting ISIS Seize Iraq's Ramadi"  "The Kurds Seize Tishreen Dam - TTG"

"Former Shin Bet Head Says Says Jewish Terror Worse Today Than It Was In Run-Up To Rabin Assassination"  "The Dance Of Hate And Terror"

"Jews Didn’t Forget to Protest Moslem Protest"  Calling dibs on the stars - why aren't they trademarked? - to preserve the lucrative brand.

"An “Extremist” in the United States"

"Washington's "Empire Of Chaos" & The Cold War 2.0 'New Normal'"  WWIII?  Or will the Americans, like the British at the end of their empire, just collapse in exhaustion?
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