Saturday, December 19, 2015

Human rights activists

"US military in Syria violate sovereignty, not fighting terror – Damascus"

"Donald Trump to Meet G.O.P. Megadonor Sheldon Adelson Before Debate"

"Soros Plays Both Ends in Syria Refugee Chaos"  It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that Jewish supremacists are taking revenge on Europe, with the hapless Europeans unable to stop the destruction.  The good thing is that this irrational need for revenge is leading to decisions which will hurt Jewish supremacism in the long run.

"The Trump Pattern"  Ultra-Zionist Marshall continues his bizarre mischaracterization of Putin.  Putin is admired as, unlike all American politicians, he acts in the national interests of his own country, and not in the national interests of some tiny group of rich supremacists.

"Week Eleven of the Russian Intervention in Syria: A Step Back from the Brink?"  A good diplomatic week for Russia, and thus sanity.  Of course, you can't trust the Americans for the very simple reason that the warmongering Jewish billionaires will always be muscling in to block sanity.

"The Toronto Star Loves Commentary So Much, It Will No Longer Let You Comment"  It is insulting that they spin this as doing the readership a favor.  This will certainly cost them readers, proving once again that the 'business' of the media isn't making money, but spreading propaganda.  Comments make a mockery of the lies, so the comments have to go.

"Worst Anti-Privacy Bill Since The PATRIOT Act, Passes Hidden In A Budget Bill And Media Is SILENT"  As always, the worst things go unnoticed.

"The IAEA’s “Final Assessment”"  Absolutely corrupt throughout.

"Myanmar: Trading in the Devil You Know..."  The worst people in the world are described as 'human rights activists', and the worst of the worst are people who describe themselves as 'human rights activists'.

"University in Florida Seeks to Fire Newtown Conspiracy Theorist"  "Memory Hole"

I'm still struck by the fact that you can be sentenced to jail for years for printing a Hitler smiley face, but conspiring to create a false flag terrorist attack, or burning an entire family alive, merits no punishment at all.  Very educational!
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