Tuesday, December 01, 2015

It was termites

"Ottawa urged to ensure Syrian refugees settle across country"  Canadian federalism consists of squabbling over getting a fair share of booty from the federal government, which has now extended to getting a fair share of Syrian refugees.  Note that they are regarded as an instant economic stimulus.

"Exxon Accuses Columbia Journalism Students of 'Ethics Violations' for Reporting on Exxon's Own Ethics Violations"  It is funny how the 'anti-terror' fascist laws in France came just in time to be used against crowds protesting inaction on climate change.

"The Dancing Israelis"  One commentator referred to 'termite, military grade', which wins today's prize.

"Anti-Imperialism for Dummies: Ignoring Syrians and Their Own Contradictions"  I always read Pulse if I need a laugh.

"U.N. voted to partition Palestine 68 years ago, in an unfair plan made even worse by Israel’s ethnic cleansing – Ben Norton/Salon.com"  The big issue for China - and the current biggest construction and economic development project in the world - is developing a 'silk road' to move products to the west.  The Chinese aren't stupid.  They have to realize that the only way such a delicate connecting line can possibly survive is if there is no Jewish-controlled political state in the Middle East.  This issue needs to be addressed, and soon.

"Are These The Tankers Bilal Erdogan Uses To Transport ISIS Oil?"

"Gwynne Dyer: Why Turkey wanted to shoot down a Russian plane" (amongst the explanations that don't deal directly with Erdoğan family corruption, this sounds about right):
"Erdogan has two goals: to ensure the destruction of Assad's regime, and to prevent the creation of a new Kurdish state in Syria. He was making some progress on both objectives - and then along came the Russians in September and saved the Syrian army from defeat, at least for the moment.
Worse yet, Putin's strategy turns out to quite pragmatic, and even rather attractive to the United States despite all the ritual anti-Russian propaganda emitted by Washington. Putin wants a ceasefire in Syria that will leave everybody where they are now - except Islamic State, which they can all then concentrate on destroying.
This strategy is now making some headway in the Vienna ceasefire talks, but it is utterly abhorrent to Erdogan because it would leave Assad in power in Damascus, and give the Syrian Kurds time to consolidate their new state. How can he derail this Russian-led project?
Well, he could shoot down a Russian plane, and try to get a confrontation going between Russia and NATO."

"Saudi Arabia Says It Will Sue Twitter Users Who Compare It To ISIS; Apparently Skips The NY Times"  I would have thought they would view it as a compliment.

"Russia Bans Soros Foundation As A "Threat To National Security And Constitutional Order""  Obvious basic step of political hygiene.

"Russian officials push for the recognition of Turkey's Grey Wolves as a terrorist group"  That's like declaring the entire country of Turkey a terrorist group.  Not a bad idea.

"Russia, Turkey moving to ease tensions"  It has to be noted that Russia, facing a lot of sanctions itself, isn't in the best position to treat Turkey as Turkey ought to be treated.

"Sukhoi Su-24Truth Will Set You Free: Turkish Media Questions Ankara's Version on Su-24"  Despite the murderous hand of the Turkish state, journalism is still practiced in Turkey.  Maybe a little dangerous challenge is required for journalists to do their jobs.

"New Smoking Gun: U.S. and UK KNEW Saddam Did NOT Possess WMDs"

"The Real History of the Islamic State and its Future Disintegration (Part 1)"  "The Real History of the Islamic State and its Future Disintegration (Part 2)"  ISIS is:
  1. Baathist military commanders; plus
  2. crazed Sunni supremacists; plus
  3. local Sunni tribal leaders.
The last group is the weak link, who can be convinced with military means that leaving ISIS is safer and more lucrative than staying in ISIS.  As the Syrian government recovers land from terrorism, tribal allegiances shift back and the rats head towards the Iraqi border.

"Vulture Capitalists Are the Real Winners of Argentina’s Elections"  They should have been honest and put Singer's name on the ballot, with a check to sign with the vote for your share of contributing to his billions.

"Glenn Greenwald Stands by the Official Narrative"  The fatal problem with glibertarianism is that its proponents can't stop protecting the interests of big business.  Spying is for the benefit of big business, so the story of spying has to be mangled.

"Ted Cruz’s Favorite Rabbi"  Pollard is the Canadian's road to Sheldon's shekels.

"Zionist Power: Swindlers and Impunity, Traitors and Pardons"  Meandering, but touches on the extremely wide scope of the problems caused by Zionism.

"Alan Gross’s Improbable Tales on 60 Minutes"  Using lies shoveled by the Jew-controlled media to set up a massively over-paid book deal from the Jew-controlled publishing industry.  With Zionism, no crime goes unrewarded.
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