Thursday, December 10, 2015

Laugh track

"R+6 now controls Homs"  Remember how the story was that ISIS magically kept taking over large areas of Iraq and Syria, with simply nothing to stop them.  Now the 'experts' keep telling us how it is impossible to remove ISIS, or at the very least it will take decades of war.  Yet in a matter of weeks the Syrian army with Russian air support is de-terrorizing large and important swaths of Syria.  With even the slightest real opposition - as opposed to the phony opposition of the Zio-Americans - the Wahhabists pick up and flee like the rats they are.  There is even the sense of a bigger plan, caldroning the fuckers so they can be more easily eliminated.

"Iraq Seeks To Cancel Security Agreement With US, Will Invite Russia To Fight ISIS"

"John Bolton: To Defeat ISIS, Create a Sunni State"  Yinon.  Even the 'NYT Picks' in the comments, the selection of Zionist drivel, has trouble finding anything good to say about it.

"Four US-led Coalition Jets Seen over Deir ez Zor On the Day Syrian Army Camp Came Under Attack"

"Family of Late Gangster Meyer Lansky Wants Compensation for Seized Cuba Hotel"  and "How Hillary Clinton Abused Her State Department Role To Help Her Hedge Funder Son-In-Law"

Curious concern trolling from someone who seems to have lost his mind:  "To My Chavista Friends"  Things aren't as bad as they seem in South America:  "Latin America: The Aborted Neo-Liberal Offensive" and "Chavism Loses a Battle -- Can It Recover and Rectify?".  The neo-liberals in Argentina can be blocked until the next election, and making the extreme right own the oil price problems in Venezuela should clarify things for the voters.

"Selling desperate Syrian refugees’ body parts for profit: Israeli man arrested in Turkey for organ trafficking"  They don't seem to be moderating the comments!

"Justifying a “Humanitarian War” against Syria? The Sinister Role of the NGOs"  All countries should make NGOs illegal, with penalties for any involvement in them similar to those for treason.

"Delusion Regarding the Fall of Neoliberalism and Globalization"  The last thing the neo-fascists will do is fix the problems of neo-liberalism, but they will certainly bring in as much hate as they can get away with.  The 0.1% has found that surprisingly robust expressions of hate serve as the circuses that obviate the need to supply bread.

"Lord Janner's legal fight against child sex abuse allegations being funded by taxpayer"  Tweet (Mr Malky):
#Janner as a QC demanded that dementia sufferers should stand trial for WW2 crimes"

Finkelstein comes up with the title of the year: "Mufti Of Jerusalem To Meet With Hitler".  At least we no longer have to wonder how Jewed-up Il Douche actually is.   Laugh track:  "Benjamin Netanyahu 'rejects' Donald Trump's comments regarding Muslims and says Israel 'respects all citizens' rights'"
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