Thursday, December 03, 2015


"Why Is The U.S. Reluctant To Bomb ISIS Oil Fields?"  This is so deeply and profoundly fucking stupid that, with the cranky re-endorsement of Yves Smith in the comments (to their credit, the commentators point out how appalling this is, and repeated slip-ups like this are going to wreck the reputation, not to mention the fund-raising opportunities, of Naked Capitalism), I question the entire motivation of Naked Capitalism.  If you want a laugh, get a load of this load (remembering this is written about the US government!!!):
"Another scenario, which may be the be most plausible, is a play for local fighters to turn on ISIS, prevent further humanitarian issues in the region, and to maintain supplies to rebel groups fighting both ISIS and Assad. A loss of fuel in this region would be extremely detrimental to the local population, which relies overwhelmingly on generators for power, fueled by ISIS oil. The same goes for all the groups fighting ISIS – they all receive fuel from their enemies’ oil pumps. Without fuel, this could hamper the war effort on the ground, and even draw the local population into further compliance with ISIS. Since oil provides the lifeline for many civilians under ISIS rule, this must be taken into account for any long-term strategy in the region.
Some might mock the fact that the U.S. Air Force, before a recent strike, dropped pamphlets on the oil transport vehicles giving the occupants 45 minutes to vacate their tankers before air attacks would commence. This is simply a recognition of how crucial a local population is to combatting insurgencies and terrorist groups. We know the tanker drivers are most likely not affiliated with ISIS in any way, and might even despise the terror organization. They might even be retrieving fuel to be delivered to the very forces that are fighting against ISIS."
It is unfortunately not uncommon for sites that have built up a reputation as alternative or progressive to try to slip in some Zio-American Imperial propaganda.

The laughs keep coming:  "How the Organizer of the Paris Attacks Slipped Through Authorities’ Hands":
"Mr. Abaaoud flies to Istanbul from Cologne. At passport control in Cologne, an alert flashes up because he is on a watch list, but he is allowed to fly after claiming he is visiting family in Turkey."  
"Iraqis think the U.S. is in cahoots with the Islamic State, and it is hurting the war" Where would they get a crazy idea like that?!

"Chairman of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats: “Either [Turkey] Shouldn’t Be in NATO or We Shouldn’t”"  There is not a letter in this statement that isn't 100% true, and he even points out that the removal of Assad is clearly not in American national interests, prompting one to wonder whose interests are being catered to:
"Yes, Russia does this to protect Syria’s authoritarian Assad regime, which has close ties to Moscow. So what?
Assad, like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, is no threat to the United States or the Western world. If Assad is forced out of power he will eventually be replaced by an Islamic terrorist committed to raining down mayhem on Western countries."

"ISIS-Turkey blood oil map"

"Seal Of King Hezkiyahu Found Next To Temple Mount In Jerusalem"  I'm waiting for them to find King David's passport.

"The Barrett Brown Review Of Arts And Letters And Prison:  The Government Explains Why It Took My Email":
"I’d heard quite a bit about Three Rivers from my colleagues at Fort Worth; the BOP, it seems, has been trying to increase the prison’s proportion of white inmates, which is something like 15 percent, so as to provide for some degree of racial balance. Of the 18 inmates on the bus, though, there was only one other white guy, but then he had a swastika tattoo on the back of his head, so he may have counted as two or three white guys for accounting purposes.
Despite being shackled and handcuffed, we inmates rather enjoyed our road trip. I was designated the resident expert on Texas, a role I took very seriously, pointing out to everyone which highways we passed were named for which unprosecuted war criminals. I also explained how we helped steal the 1960 election for Kennedy before killing him and replacing him with a common hoodlum."
"Israel: The Willing Executioner"  The current Israeli government narrative is that the Jews are the victims - always the victims - of constant stabbing attacks, so Israeli officials 'throw down' a knife whenever they execute a random Palestinian on the street, and plant the knife in even the most unlikely circumstances.

"The Last Days of Tel Aviv":
"With the intense crisis currently developing between Putin and NATO a mere 135 miles from Jerusalem,  a time for war, for regional war may very well be upon us if the crisis is not soon diffused.  A regional war where new and old scores are opportunistically settled between multiple enemies, native and non-native.  A war that may very well determine the future of a Palestinian state way before the peace process has had a chance to be miraculously resurrected.
And we can be sure that when such a war erupts, Palestinians will not be alone in fighting for their land – they will be defended and supported by what is referred to as the regional Axis of Resistance, currently gathering weapons and training for what may very well be the last war in the Levant this side of the 21st Century.
A war that may cause the death of Israel and the simultaneous defanging of Aipac.  A war that may very well liberate both Palestine and America."

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