Tuesday, December 15, 2015


"Obama: "We Are Hitting ISIL Harder Than Ever" (Video)".  Barry so funny.  Meanwhile, in the real world, ISIS mercenaries are being used by the Zio-American Empire to fight in Yemen:  "The Illusion of Western News".

"Nigeria: The Hidden Genocide"

"Qaddafi Son Arrested by Lebanon in New Twist on Missing Imam Mystery – Hwaida Saad, Rick Gladstone/New York Times"  With typical NYT anti-Gaddafi propaganda sprinkles.

"‘The race to save Peter Kassig’"

"Reporters From Nevada's Largest Newspaper Demand To Know Who Owns Their Company"  "Did Sheldon Adelson Just Buy Nevada’s Biggest Newspaper? Anonymously?"

"A BBC Documentary On The Rescue Of Ethiopian Jews Lies"

"Turkish forces withdraw from base in Northern Iraq"  "Turkey's Dangerous Game"

"France just showed how a candidate like Donald Trump can be beat – Linette Lopez/Business Insider"  Despite the 24 hour media coverage, and the pure love of the haters (who also love the unusual amount of media attention they are getting), Trump's support amongst all American voters is between 5 and 10 per cent, and there are simply too many people who would never vote for him under any circumstances.

"Canada’s Growing Jihadi Cancer"  Wow!  I wonder how many shekels that cost!

Tweet (Enemy Of Stupidity).
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