Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lost in the Kremlin

"Assad Must Go… ahh fuhgettaboutit! - TTG"  "‘We see Syria fundamentally very similarly’ – Kerry after talks with Putin, Lavrov"  "Assad can stay, for now: Kerry accepts Russian stance"

Tweet (Ilya Petrenko):
"Bumped into Victoria #Nuland on my way out. She said she didn't want to get lost in the Kremlin.
The #Nuland hashtag is wonderful.

I hope Putin counted his fingers afterward.

"The Billionaire's Pick: How Marco Rubio Became The Preferred Puppet Of GOP Oligarchs":  "If you tried to create the perfect puppet in a test-tube, what would likely emerge is something very close to Marco Rubio."

"Donald Trump Not Wrong When He Said That Hillary “Has Killed Hundreds of Thousands of People”"

"In an Appalling Act of Hypocrisy, NY Times Promotes Settlers as Peace Builders"  The greatest love of all is the love of the cuddly settlers for the Palestinians, now tragically ruined by Arab stabbiness.  This is choice, even for Kershner.

"Millionaire cleared of rape after claiming he ‘accidentally penetrated’ teenager"  "Investigate Judge Martin Griffiths for corruption and protecting rapists"

"The Unexpected Explanation How "That Ford Truck" Ended Up In ISIS Hands"
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