Monday, December 14, 2015

My reputation

"Multiple video evidence of San Bernardino false flag attack: .01% plan for multiple false flags to ‘justify’ martial law, arrest ‘truthers’???"  As usual, the truther videos are remarkably unimpressive, except for the second one - more than one witness reported the same very detailed and specific story of three commando-type shooters.

"France's Far-Right Nationalist Party Swings From First To Worst; "Routed' In Regional Election Run-Off"  I'm looking forward to the tears of the haters when Trump flames out in a similar way while crying my own tears over the inevitability of Hillary due to the Trump Trick.  I doubt vote fraud as the people who do that sort of thing support the far right.

"Trump: Hillary Clinton 'Killed Hundreds Of Thousands Of People With Her Stupidity'"  Trump still plays the jester role, telling truths no one is allowed to say, although blaming the mass murdering on stupidity is far too kind to her.

"Which Canadians are Most Likely to be the Victims of Hate Crimes?"  Let me fix that for you:  "Which Canadians are Most Likely to Falsely Report Hate Crimes so their Co-Supremacists can more Easily Kill People and Steal Their Land?"  It is simply hilarious that they think they can still get away with this in light of all the real hate directed at Muslims.

"On US Campuses, Pro-Israel Groups Target Supporters of Palestinian Rights"

"“It involves my life, my legacy, my career, my history, my reputation.”"  Lifetime of pure evil, finally receiving pay-back, and it is sweet.  Remember he has also picked a fight with #BlackLivesMatter over their solidarity with the Palestinians.

"Eviction of Palestinian grandmother sets up test for EU policy on Israel"

"Matias Vernego: Neoliberalism Resurgent: What to Expect in Argentina after Macri’s Victory"  The usual economic malfeasance characteristic of the right.

"JPMorgan Wrote Complaints After Firing a Whistle-Blower"  Fraud from the people who perceive their job as doing fraudulent things.  And yet we're always surprised at the audacity!

"Julian Assange to be questioned by Sweden"  I love how they frame it to seem as if all this nonsense is Ecuador's fault!

"COP21: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly"  It is about as bad as you might expect, beneath contempt.
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