Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Or not!

"Magna Carta, Philip Hammond and the Saudi businessman"  An amazing little glimpse at the ubiquity of corruption (of course, a statue of the sitting royal as an insulting monument to anti-monarchical freedoms is exactly the kind of thing Conservatives and the Saudis would agree on).

"Obama's "impenetrable narrative," and the Paris presser."  When Barry is under pressure from the Jewish Billionaires to do something stupid, and can't explain the irrational anti-American things they force him to do, he gets testy and sloppy.

"From Planned Parenthood to Madrid: What Can Paris, London and Washington Learn?"  The limitations of noamian analysis.  The problem is you are a hater if you mention the necessary words 'Jewish billionaires', 'Yinon', and 'Wars For The Jews'.  Of course, if you don't mention these words the analysis is worse than useless.  Note what a strong virile analysis looks like:  "US Caught Faking It in Syria".  One of the main reasons the Russians are doing so well is that they aren't afraid to tell the simple truth in their geopolitical analyses, and thus can plan with access to all the facts, particularly the most important ones.  You are going to have a heaping dose of more wars, more wasted treasure, more refugees to look after, and more terrorism, until you are commonly and completely honest in the analysis, stating with rigor the only group that benefits from these wars.  It is now literally illegal in most places to write an honest analysis.

"Is Turkey Waging War on Russia in Crimea, the Caucasus, and Central Asia?"  Odd - or not! - overlap with the goals of World Jewry.

The Pig Fucker - and can you imagine the blackmail possibilities that World Jewry must have against somebody universally known as The Pig Fucker? - and Hollande aren't honest about wanting to fight ISIS for the simple reason they do not have access to the only troops on the ground capable of fighting ISIS, the Syrian Army and some Kurdish groups.  This is yet another War For The Jews, this time against the Syrian government, under the guise of fighting terrorism, based on another set of lies.

"French Editor Fined for Naming Jewish Lobby"  I believe France, once probably the best country in the world to live in, is doomed.

"Obama and the GOP are colluding with the genocide of Christians in the Middle East"  Absolutely true, but utterly bizarre to see it stated in a mainstream context.

"ISIS™ Oil Continues to Flow to Israel While Turkish Stream Pipeline Deal Appears Dead"  It is unfair to the Syrian Kurds to connect them to the corrupt Israeli-Barzani alliance.  I think we will see this proven if the Russian alliance with the Syrian Kurds flourishes.

"Assassination, Oppression & the Turkish State’s War on Journalism…"  I'm sure there would be more of this in the United States if there were actually any real journalists in the United States.

"You Can't Understand American Politics Without Reading This Study"  The only comparable loss of hope occurred after the fall of the Soviet Union, when again the natural expectations were overturned, and large numbers of people simply gave up.  Curiously - or not! - two cases where running the government was taken over by Jewish Billionaires.

"Google Denies Israeli Foreign Ministry Report It Agreed to Censor Palestinian Videos"  They can do it without the need of setting up a 'task force'.

"#SueMeSaudi: Twitter Users Taunt Saudi Arabia"

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