Saturday, December 12, 2015

Political prop

"The Fascist Dynastic Roots of the NYT's Financial Savior, Carlos Slim Helú"  This isn't new, but worth bearing in mind whenever you read the NYT propaganda.

"How Far Can The Syria Conflict Spiral Out Of Control?":
"James Stafford: So what does Turkey want?
Robert Bensh: The better question is: “What does Erdogan want?” You know, Putin’s probably not too far off in his statement referring to Erdogan’s loss of “mind and reason”. Erdogan has been going down this path little by little for some time and it’s no secret that he has some megalomaniacal tendencies that grow more and more out of control every year. It would seem that he has dreams of a return of the Ottoman Empire—and that ISIS could be a logical ally to that end. Of course, ISIS is not likely looking to be beholden to another Ottoman Empire controlling a greater Sunni-Arab dominion. Many, many Turks fail to share this dream with their leader, and his ambitions will also be his eventual downfall unfortunately."
"James Stafford: What we want to know is why is the West holding back against ISIS? We hear conflicting reports about the targets of air strikes and we can’t get a clear picture.
Robert Bensh: Listen, this is all about Iran at the end of the day, and continually about the Sunni-Shi’ite balance of power. While the West shuffles back and forth uncertain whether to destroy Assad or to destroy the ISIS monster that they helped to create to destroy Assad, and which also in large part arose out of the ashes of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq that overthrew Saddam Hussein and radically upset the Sunni-Shi’ite balance of power.
James Stafford: Can Western countries, or NATO, effectively defeat ISIS?
Robert Bensh: I suppose the more answerable question is whether the West is willing to truly fight ISIS—at least on ISIS’ territory.
James Stafford: Let me interrupt you here … That’s where many of our readers get lost in this chaos. Why does there seem to be no concerted military move against ISIS by Western nations, aside from the on-and-off airstrikes, the targets of which there is also a great deal of ambiguity?
Robert Bensh: First, let me just stress that I am not a military man, nor am I a politician or a diplomat. I’m a businessman; and businessmen look at things a bit differently because they need to be able to see where things are going and what that means for investments. What I see right now is a great deal of uncertainty as to who the real ‘enemy’ is—or, rather, who the worse enemy is.
There appears to have been for some time an overriding and unspoken conviction that ISIS was a convenient bulwark against an increase in Iranian power, in Shi’ite power. Either propping up ISIS or only half-heartedly pushing it back is a way to keep Iran subdued. This is a mistake that the West has made time again and refuses to learn from. When that bulwark comes back to launch terrorist attacks in your country—well, then it’s too late to rethink strategy effectively.
But here’s the part that I think everyone misses in this cynical way of looking at geopolitics and alliances that are forged along the lines of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”: Iran can control its Shi’ite radicals. No one can control the Sunni insurgents.
James Stafford: Why is that?
Robert Bensh: That’s easy—and this is where the historical lesson is continually ignored. The Sunni radical groups have been used over and over as a means of destabilizing regimes or the like, and then the modus operandi has always been to cut them loose. So they are armed, organized in a rather haphazard manner and on their own."
"What Isis Really Has in Mind"  Margolis is usually very good, but this is seriously stupid, and resembles Zionist propaganda.  ISIS can't have anything in mind, as ISIS has no agency, being the stooge of Zio-American imperial intelligence agencies.  The current trick is a double trick - claim we have to fight ISIS in Syria in order to stop the terrorism, and then fail to hit ISIS and 'accidentally' hit the Syrian army.  It should be obvious that ISIS does not want to encourage the routs being applied to it by the Russians and Syrians.

"A Special Relationship:  The United States is teaming up with Al Qaeda, again"  Excellent!  The difference from Russia's very bad experience in Afghanistan is that Russia in Syria has access to a ground army that isn't Russian.

"Declassified U.S. Government Report Prepared a Week After Fukushima Accident: “100% of The Total Spent Fuel Was Released to the Atmosphere from Unit 4”"  See the comment at Naked Capitalism by Hacker:
"This is irresponsible journalism by George Washington and all those who repeat it. Anyone with a modicum of scientific training will understand what this says. Clearly too many folks do not understand science and are not willing to admit it.
NARAC was asked to model what would happen if a large amount of the fuel was released to the atmosphere. This report does not say that a large release is actually what happened. This report also says that the model showed that Americans were safe from even this large a release.
The US government has a lot of issues, but they usually aren’t so stupid as to classify the actual knowledge of what got release at Fukushima as F.O.U.O. Whatever report has that info in it won’t come out for many years and will have been Top Secret or higher."
"French Prime Minister Says Government Not Considering Banning Open WiFi, Tor Connections"  The traitors who run the French government are embarrassed into backing off slightly from the Zio-abyss.  Still, France is completely fucked.

"Settler Terror and Its Apologists"  The Israelis do just enough to allow for misleading coverage by the American media, without doing anything to actually deter future terrorist murder.

"Chicago Police Adopt Israeli Tactics"  What else would Rahm's army look like?

"Game for privacy is gone, mass surveillance is here to stay – Assange on #RT10 panel"  The assholes have made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of fixing the problems they have caused, so we will need revolutions and necktie parties.

"Proud To Be A Canuk"  Despite the fact that Canada has its fair share of haters, Canada is definitely on a very deep level different from the United States.  Can you imagine any American politician using Muslim refugees as a political prop to increase popularity with voters?  And haven't these poor refugees suffered enough?

"Grateful Doe: unidentified man named as Jason Callahan 20 years after death"
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