Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Spell-check for hate

"Conspiracy Theories and San Bernardino"  High-IQ analysis.  Rare.

"Syria Blames U.S. in Base Bombing That Killed 3 Soldiers, U.S. Blames Russia"  This is how this War For The Jews will play out: 'accidents' which are either outright denied, or in a fit of chutzpah, blamed on the Russians.  It's complicated (I continue to be intrigued by the skill of Patrick Cockburn in spreading Zio-American imperial propaganda while appearing to be a dispassionate analyst).  This will continue until the Syrians try to defend themselves, or the Americans lie and claim the Syrians tried to defend themselves, at which point World Jewry will have its full War For The Jews on Assad, and the complete required Yinonization of Syria (and, oh boy, if the Europeans think they have a refugee problem now, just wait for the plans of World Jewry to come to fruition!!!).

"America's Creeping War in Syria"

"The Man Behind Donald Trump's Latest Policy Platform Is a Crackpot Anti-Muslim Extremist"  Gaffney! Yerushalmi! Of course, you have to wonder if this is part of the plan by World Jewry to ensure Hillary's election.  The traditional professional haters are thrilled, but the more thoughtful haters want to keep hate purely directed at race, and think that hating on a religious basis is impure.

"Miracles Do Happen: Venezuela Relabeled a Democracy in Wake of Opposition Win"

"Guess What Happened The Last Time The Price Of Oil Plunged Below 38 Dollars A Barrel?"

"Jew Inc Has Taken Over Photobucket and Wiped My 'Gaza' File Clean"  Google doesn't like the picture on this blog, for obvious reasons.

"'Spell-check for hate' needed, says Google's Schmidt"  Of course, real hate speech is the speech of those tricking us into taking horrible actions.

"This is how the Holocaust nonsense got started"  When you consider the sheer quantity of politically manipulative lies we are fed, it is not surprising that some people decide to take charge of their own human dignity and deny everything.

"Jaime Pinto and Elliot Associates: The full case file in English"  Singer.

"Do Feminists Have to Hate Israel? – Emily Shire/The Daily Beast"  The whining is entertaining.
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