Sunday, December 20, 2015

The great purple assed mandrill of peace

"Saving their sworn enemy: Heartstopping footage shows Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone - but WHY are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?"  "President Bashar Al Assad. The Truth from Damascus.":
"Earlier this morning, Zionist warplanes struck a residential building in Jaramana city in Damascus countryside killing the famous Hezbollah resistance fighter, Samir Quntar and reportedly massacring up to 9 innocent civilians.  We are still awaiting confirmation of the total number of deaths and casualties from this illegal raid that has been celebrated by members of the Syrian “moderate rebel” opposition…going so far as to thank Israel for their good work."

From the execrable Pulse, which reads like a Wahhabist Sunni-supremacist propaganda rag lightly disguised with phony 'progressive' 'anti-colonial' politics:  "The Syrian Jihad":  "Most Syrians see Assad as their chief enemy – he is after all responsible for the overwhelming proportion of dead and displaced."  "Western poll: Assad supported by most Syrians"  "Syrian President Bashar Al Assad"  "On The Road From Damascus"

"Israeli Intelligence Source: Dawabshe Terror Suspects Confess to Palestinian Arson-Murders"

"Turkey Blasts "Breakthrough" UN Resolution On Syria: "It Lacks Perspective. Assad Must Go!""  "UN Resolution on Syria - TTG":
"It is clear to me that Kerry is deliberately working with Lavrov to seek a sensible solution to the mess in Syria and that Obama is, at a minimum, letting him do so. Sure the bands of howler monkeys are still in the trees raising a ruckus and flinging their poo, but the big boys led by Lavrov are ignoring this annoyance. They are trying to create the conditions necessary for the return of the great purple assed mandrill of peace.
The R+6 will continue to shape the situation on the ground in Syria as they shape the political discussions at the UN. Iran has decided to unify its stance on Assad with Russia. They are not saying Assad must stay, but that the question is up to the Syrian people. This is the position even Assad seems to accept judging by this interview with a Dutch news show. As you watch the interview take special note of Assad’s comments at the twelve minute mark when the interviewer told him of Kerry’s new position on the “Assad must go” question and that the French now see him as part of the solution. Such mirth and sarcasm cannot be going over too well among the witches of Nuland’s coven. Good."

"US deliberately hindering Iraqi advances: Lawmaker"  We've already developed a pattern of the Americans 'accidentally' - fog of war, blah, blah, blah, but their 'smart' bombs and drones are so expert they never hit a civilian! - killing the troops who are fighting ISIS.

"Russian anti-aircraft system in Syria likely to lead to more death, refugees: Analysis"  You can see why The Star had to eliminate comments - the commentators would have a field day with this pile of steaming excrement!

"The New World Disorder and What They Won’t Tell Us about the Middle East"  It is probably easier and more accurate to simply always use the phrase 'Jew-controlled media'.

"The Odd and Not So Odd Timing Of Israeli-Turkish Reconciliation"  Possible reading:
  1. Israel plans to sell gas to Egypt (gas stolen by Israel from Lebanon, but that's another story);
  2. Egypt discovers its own massive gas field, ruining Israeli plans;
  3. Israel orders its American stooge to order his Turkish stooge to shoot down a Russian plane to ruin Turkish-Russian relations;
  4. Turkey's Russian hydrocarbon supply becomes tenuous;
  5. so Turkey becomes the new market for Israeli gas (once Turkey is dependent on Israeli energy it will become even more of a Zionist puppet than it is today).
Hillary is quite the ratfucker, and note how corrupt Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in the campaign by the Jewish billionaires to get Hillary elected President:  "Bernie Sanders Campaign Blocked From DNC Voter Info After Improper Access"

"Jews Expose the Zionist Islamophobia Campaign – Elly Bulkin, Donna Nevel/Alternet"  The insane American Islamophobia with fear that reaches comic levels didn't just arise spontaneously, it has been very carefully built and nurtured by a massive propaganda campaign funded by the Jewish billionaires.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah) (scroll down for the opinion of the expert):
""The Times needs to fix its overuse of unnamed government sources," writes NY Times public editor …"
Old-school:  "Italy's Puppet Master"

"Texas ‘affluenza’ teen, let off after drunk-driving deaths, is missing"  "EXCLUSIVE: Family of Texas man who got 20 years for fatal drunk driving crash by same judge who sentenced Ethan Couch outraged 'affluenza' teen is on the lam"
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