Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Tough question

"Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game"  Fairly decent summary, as good as a summary leaving out the Yinon keystone can be (without Yinon and American political 'donor' problems, American motivations are literally impossible to fathom!).  I liked this bit:
"Exhibit B for the prosecution would likely be Barack Obama’s tinkering with the Arms Export Control Act, reported on September 15th of 2013: “The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act, announced today that he would waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A…The prohibitions contained in this section apply with respect to a country if the Secretary of State determines that the government of that country has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism.”
This action can only be described as Orwellian hypocrisy, as the weapons Obama ships to Syrian insurgents meet the stated criteria. The United States is clearly supporting “international terrorism,” with glee. US arms and ammunition have gone to Jihadists all over Syria and Iraq through many pathways. They have murdered many civilians there, and they continue to do so daily. Further, attacking the government of Syria by arming a proxy army is the “Supreme International Crime,” a Crime Against the Peace, a blatant breach of the UN Charter, but it’s happening."
You sure won't see this anywhere:  "Trump, Isis, And Israel".  After naming the Saudis, Trump hints at an unnameable country, and, after naming the Saudis, there is only one unnameable country.

 "The Islamists Work For Rothschild?"  "No Brake and No Disclosure on Media Owners’ Interests"

"Erdogan sends 'Grey Wolves' to Crimea - A History Lesson"  Although still buried fairly deep in the internet, the outrages, and obvious contradictions, of the current Zio-American scheming are causing people to put all the pieces together.  The reason people are 'conspiracy theorists' is that there is a simple pleasure in knowing.

"Turkey’s Push to Create New Ottoman Empire ‘Blowing Up in its Own Face’"  The upshot of all these Turkish imperial conspiracies is the eventual dismemberment of Turkey, and that is a very good thing.  If Erdoğan were wise and a little less corrupt, he would be cooperating with Russian plans to reintegrate Syrian Kurds into Syria, the only sane way to avoid civil war in Turkey.

"Turkey's Imperial Motive In Attacking Syria And Iraq"  Turkish supremacism and the New Ottoman Empire.

"International Military Review – Syria-Iraq battlespace"  Good little video.  Note the suggestion at the beginning that the American 'accidental' attack on the Syrian army was really providing air support for an ISIS ground operation.  Also note the report from Kuwait on the role of Jordan at around 1:45.

"SYRIA SITREP: What now ?" by Patrick Bahzad

"Obama’s Credibility Crisis – Robert Parry/Consortiumnews"  Barry's Jewed-up story is incoherent and contradictory on its face, obvious to any American, and thus provides an opening for those who seem to promise authenticity, like Trump.  Or Le Pen:  ""By fighting against Bashar al-Assad, in the space of three years, we have just strengthened ... Daesh" --Le Pen"

"The IMF forgives Ukraine’s loan to Russia" (one of these extremely important things that will go unnoticed but which will have huge repercussions down the road, and, of course, yet another example of how Zionism - Nudelman-Kagan's War For The Jews against Russia in Ukraine, which requires IMF money for the Ukrainian military attacks on civilians in eastern Ukraine - is wrecking the world, although you could argue that the end of the IMF would be very good for the world):
"For over half a year there was a semi-public discussion with U.S. Treasury advisors and Cold Warriors about how to stiff Russia on the $3 billion owed by Ukraine to Russia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. There was some talk of declaring this an “odious debt,” but it was decided that this ploy might backfire against U.S. supported dictatorships.
In the end, the IMF simply lent Ukraine the money.
By doing so, it announced its new policy: “We only enforce debts owed in US dollars to US allies.” This means that what was simmering as a Cold War against Russia has now turned into a full-blown division of the world into the Dollar Bloc (with its satellite Euro and other pro-U.S. currencies) and the BRICS or other countries not in the U.S. financial and military orbit.
What should Russia do? For that matter, what should China and other BRICS countries do? The IMF and U.S. neocons have sent the world a message: you don’t have to honor debts to countries outside of the dollar area and its satellites.
Why then should these non-dollarized countries remain in the IMF – or the World Bank, for that matter. The IMF move effectively splits the global system in half,between the BRICS and the US-European neoliberalized financial system.
Should Russia withdraw from the IMF? Should other countries?"

"Eyewitness to San Bernardino Terror Attack Still Says ‘three tall white men did it’"  Eyewitnesses can make mistakes, but this is an awfully detailed and specific account, maintained over time in the face of the Official Story.  American authorities are filling in the details of the legends of the patsies in an extremely belated manner.  Usually they have most of the story - e.g., Oswald, 9/11 - prepared beforehand, and thus immediately available.  We might be able to assume that the lack of official readiness for the propaganda push is an indication that this attack, or at least the timing of this attack, was not planned at the highest American government levels.

"Tough question for Obama"
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