Sunday, December 06, 2015

Ultra-protected speech

"Top court rules against French ‘anti-Semitic’ comic"  This is the European 'Court' of 'Human Rights':
"Siding with the French court that convicted him in 2009, the European rights tribunal said it would not hear his appeal of the conviction because the show that led to it was “unmistakably negationist and anti-Semitic in nature.”
“If admitted, (the appeal) would contribute to the destruction of Convention rights and freedoms,” the court based in the eastern French city of Strasbourg said in a statement explaining its decision to reject his application."
Giving Dieudonné the right to free speech would destroy the right to free speech.  The court seems more than a little unclear on the concept.

It is curious - or not - that Dieudonné and Topham both got in trouble for directly mocking Jewish hate.  They were actually mocking the concept of acceptable hate, but acceptable hate, for example Islamophobia, is ultra-protected speech, the kind of hate so protected it can't be mocked.  The courts do what courts do, which is protect the methods used by the most powerful.

On the topic of Jewed-up ludicrous courts that exist solely for the purpose of promoting Jewish supremacism:  "Time to Defund the International Criminal Court"

"The Bloody Key to the San Bernardino Massacre"  The update at the top takes all the stuffing out of this piece, leaving us still with no explanation for how these people became 'radicalized'.  The complete absence of suspicious ties is now being spun by the Jew-controlled media to increase the Islamophobic paranoia.  After all, if any Muslim could be a terrorist . . . .  Note how perfectly this fits with the plans of the warmongering Jewish Billionaires who want more Wars For The Jews.

"Week Nine of the Russian Intervention in Syria: The Empire Strikes Back" (Saker).  A possible plan of The Pig Fucker and his pals for this War For The Jews:
"Simple: the Empire correctly identified the weakness of the Russian force in Syria, and it decided to use Turkey to provide itself an element of plausible deniability. This attack is probably only the first step of a much larger campaign to “push back” Russia from the Turkish border. The next step, apparently, includes the dispatching of western forces into Syria, initially only as ‘advisors’, but eventually as special forces and forward air controllers. The US and Turkish Air Forces will play the primary role here, with assorted Germans and UK aircraft providing enough diversity to speak of an “international coalition”. As for the French, stuck between their Russian counterparts and their NATO “allies”, they will remain as irrelevant as ever: Hollande caved in, again (what else?). Eventually, NATO will create a de-facto safe heaven for its “moderate terrorists” in northern Syria and use it as a base to direct an attack on Raqqa. Since any such intervention will be completely illegal, the argument of the need to defend the Turkmen minority will be used, R2P and all. The creation of a NATO-protected safe heaven for “moderate terrorists” could provide the first step for breaking up Syria into several smaller statelets."
"The method behind the madness in Syria"

"The Middle East War SITREP December 5th, 2015 by John Rambo"

"Putin Accuses US Of ISIS Oil Coverup"

"UK Airstrikes Are Fake"

"Will the real terrorists in Syria please stand up?"

"Who will fight the next war?"  The American cannon-fodder shortage is perhaps the most important issue, after miscegenation, facing World Jewry today.

"“If you are a Jew, you should be very afraid of Donald Trump”"  Trump is about the only member of his family who isn't Jewish, and he receives money from at least one Jewish Billionaire, so this is just red meat to encourage the right-wingers to ignore the obvious signs of trickery.

"Prominent Turkish Media Figure Resigns Citing Legal Battle With Erdogan"

"Wikipedia has a ton of money. So why is it begging you to donate yours?"

"Hillary Clinton and a Venezuelan Murder Mystery: Who Killed Luis Manuel Díaz?"

"False flags, true believers and trolls: Understanding conspiracy theories after tragedies" A comment by Ebach Saleb:
"So let me get this straight- Terrorists that hate western culture namely ' christian ' culture, start attacking during an American election year where terror attacks would benefit the party ( republican ) that would most likely bomb the crap out of them for any reason much less for the terror attack and you say people calling this a false flag are crazy ? What ? I mean, Russia and the US were already bombing them, support for that was questionable but isis said " hey, lets kill 130 people in France so they can bomb us too ! " ??? Actually my 10 year old nephew could figure this out. The american right wing is behind this . So is the cheerleading media. Its so obvious its like they're waving it in our face."
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