Monday, December 07, 2015


"The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus"

"Erdogan Moves To Annexes Mosul"  "Iraq: Turkey has 24 hours to withdraw" "Iraq May Seek "Direct Military Intervention From Russia" To Expel Turkish Troops"

"Israel is now Bombing Syria: Claims Airstrikes at Syrian Army Convoy on Damascus"

Tweet (The Daily Rupert):
"US-led coalition commits act of war against Syria - strikes on army base, kills soldiers. NeoCons drooling for WW3"
"Nuland arrives in Kiev, spike in Minsk violations - Coincidence?"

Remember that for World Jewry, WWIII isn't a bug, its a deeply desired feature, a 'not so little' war.

"Wi-Fi interdit, Tor bloqué, backdoors… les nouvelles idées au gouvernement" France-is-fucked.

"‘No Secret Self-Made Oil Pipes Stretch Between Turkish, Syrian Villages’"

"Nato General Confesses To False Flag Op."

"Assad: "Europe, not Syria, has become the incubator for terrorism now threatening the West.""  Assad and Putin are amongst the tiny number of world leaders who are intelligent enough for the job.

"Israelis get anti-lynching warning: ‘You’re not Van Damme’"  There aren't too many governments that have to issue periodic reminders to part of the citizenry that murder in cold blood is technically illegal.

"Horror Beyond Description: Noam Chomsky on the Latest Phase of the War on Terror"  Noam is noamian - an 'analysis' without mentioning Israel, World Jewry, or Yinon!  Assad is, of course, 'really awful'.

"((((ANTI-ZIONIST JEWS))))"  "How the National Front Changed France"  White fascists and Jewish supremacists are natural allies of convenience if the veneer of lumpen anti-Semitism is stifled by the white fascists.
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