Friday, January 01, 2016

Aggressive panhandling

"Hypocrisy and the Surveillance Hawks - TTG"  "Venality and the Surveillance Hawks (by CP)"

"Putin’s Supper For The Oligarchs – Who’s In The Family, Who’s Out?"  It would be useful if Barry had an annual public televised meeting with the Jewish billionaires who instruct him on what to do.

"10 Billionaires Who Got More Billionaire-y in 2015"  Not that anyone is counting, but Schmidt and (probably) Peterffy are not like the others.

"Ex-convict accused of planning ISIS attack in Rochester"  It is funny how revealing these stories are if you read them carefully.  The FBI picked a mentally disturbed 'self-professed Muslim convert', described as 'an aggressive panhandler', an ex-con who talked crazy violence, had their operative drive him to pick up terrorism supplies, in this case, knives, a machete, ski masks and plastic cable ties (and the operative paid for them as their patsy had no money), and then drive him by a target location - a place which he didn't like as they apparently wouldn't let him panhandle! - and got him to discuss it as a possible target, had another operative get him to pledge some kind of 'allegiance' to Baghdadi, and then, to emphasize the situation, after the plot was supposedly foiled by brave FBI work, had the fireworks show in Rochester canceled (note that only the fireworks was canceled, as I guess Muslims have a particular thing about fireworks).

Where did they disappear to?:  "U.S. Accused Of Smuggling 2000 ISIS Fighters Out Of Ramadi"

"Mosul: Turkey’s Fulda Gap":
". . . the loss of the Mosul–Erbil line as a frontier defensive and intelligence position meant Turkey had to deal with the PKK domestically, in Adıyaman, Elazığ, or Bingöl, instead of within the Matina–Gara–Zap line, which lies in Iraqi territory. In other words, the [forward operating bases] enable Turkey to contain the PKK outside of Turkey, without having to deal with a much stronger insurgency domestically."
"Ankara never calculated that the ending of its “peace process” with the Kurds would be a significant matter. After all, if the Kurds didn’t behave politically, a range of armed options could always be used against them. Marginalization of the People’s Democracy Party (HDP) and criminalization of its activities or its elected representatives had virtually no repercussions within or outside Turkey — or so Ankara thought. The spiral of violence in Turkey, its repeated policy failures in Syria, and developments in the aftermath of the downing of the Russian jet all acted as multipliers and created a chain reaction across Turkey’s diverse set of strategic shortcomings. The entry of a more aggressive Russian policy into the region’s calculus through Tehran, Baghdad, and Damascus acts as a multiplier on almost all of Turkey’s security and policy problems. One of these problems is the possibility of the loss of Turkey’s Iraqi “Fulda Gap,” which holds its critical forward defensive and intelligence positions against the PKK. With NATO’s gradual loss of patience towards an erratic Turkish policy in Syria, combined with Turkey’s domestic heavy-handedness towards the Kurds, Ankara is losing its strategic center of gravity, and its autonomy in determining its own security policy."
Genetic imperatives of supremacists.  "Exclusive: Islamic State ruling aims to settle who can have sex with female slaves"  "Novel about Jewish-Palestinian love affair is barred from Israeli curriculum"  "'Fewer Than 1 Million Jews Killed in Holocaust,' ultra-Orthodox Outreach Rabbi Says"

"The Most Awful and Absurd Foreign Policy Quotes from 2015"
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