Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Caveat lector

"Madaya: Times Of London Lights Match To Propaganda Fire?"  "Madaya: Questions the Mainstream Media should have asked but didnt."  "Western Media Starves Us Of The Truth In Syria":
"The half-truth that the Western media don’t tell is that many towns in Syria have been, and are still, taken over by foreign-backed mercenary militia. They are terrorists, not “rebels”, belonging to such groups as the so-called Islamic State (or Daesh), al Nusra Front and Jaish al-Islam. All of them espouse a twisted, corrupted version of Islam, which ordains that anyone opposed to them can be beheaded or their children gang-raped.The Western media portray the “Syrian regime” forces as having blockaded the towns and using starvation as a weapon against the residents. Nothing could be further from the truth.The populations have been held hostage by the terror groups and used as “human shields” to prevent the Syrian army advancing to liberate those being held against their will.This week, the siege towns being reported in the news are Madaya near the capital Damascus, as well as the northern locations of Kefraya and Foua. But the same siege situations and eventual liberation were repeated previously in many other towns and villages, such as Zabadani, Kessab, Adra, Homs and Maloula.In all cases, the residents have welcomed the Syrian army with open arms as “liberators” — grateful to have been freed from the nightmare of captivity under the foreign-backed mercenaries. Their conditions of starvation and general brutality were not due to alleged blockade by the Syrian state forces, as the Western media claim, but rather as a direct result of being kidnapped en masse by the mercenaries."
"Salma falls to R+6"

"Imperialists or Irredentists"  In the insane Wahhabist-Zionist world in which we struggle, people who counter hatred are called haters, and people who fight imperialism are called imperialists.

Hasn't made the western presstitution racket yet but a guy who wrote critically of the Putin power structure was found dead in his apartment.

"What Sean Penn Teaches Us About How Not To Chat With A Fugitive"  This simultaneously protects Penn and makes NSA snooping look useful, so caveat lector.

Fairly straightforward:  "Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president".

"Saudi Disillusionment with the U.S. Started With Bush"  So sympathetic to the Saudis it sounds like it was influenced by some of that famous Saudi PR money.

Obvious attempt to make Iran an issue in the SOTU speech deftly handled by Barry:  "Iran holds 10 American sailors; U.S. expects their prompt return".  Surely not related:  "Impending lifting of Iran sanctions worries Israel".

"Meet The White Supremacists Who See Trump As Their 'Great White Hope'"  Publicity stunt by people who don't otherwise get much press.  I'm starting to wonder, violence-wise, what is going to happen when these goons work out that they have been duped.

"Alleged Incidents of Sexual Harassment in Cologne: German Media incites Racist Hysteria against Immigrants and Muslims"  This public groping at big events is a general German issue:  "Safe Oktoberfest for Girls and Women".

The category of people who should be in jail, but are Jewish billionaires instead:  "Meet the Billionaire Film Mogul and Former Israeli Spy Who Paid for The Revenant"

Tweet of the year (Daniel Pipes):
"Is young #JustinTrudeau a #Muslim? This 2013 BC #mosque photo of him praying suggests so:"
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