Monday, January 11, 2016

Centers of combustion

"B'Tselem Blaze Was Accident — Not Arson"  But (my emphasis in red):
"B'Tselem's offices were empty when the fire broke out, around 10:00 P.M. The spokesman said that the fire was contained around 11:00 P.M. The fire department reported that there were two centers of combustion, both on the first floor where B'Tselem's offices are housed. Most of the damage from the fire occured at B'Tselem's office."
"Madaya: BBC caught recycling footage from Yarmouk"  This happens so often now it has to be standard procedure.

A Canadian running for President of the United States has a problem:  "Nope, That's Not True".

"The Proof Is In: The US Government Is The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History — Paul Craig Roberts"

"The white man pathology"  This has generated an enormous amount of derision from the American 'left', but he's basically right.  "On the I-94, you do find yourself asking: what the fuck is wrong with these people?"  Metafilter.

Trump doesn't incline to Wars For The Jews, but Bernie, by supremacist inclination, won't stop them. Trump's strands of populism, coupled with the fact he would have a chance of getting bills through a Republican Congress, make him by far the real progressive choice of the two old white guys.  Of course, the debate is silly as warmongering tool-of-the-Jews extreme-right winger Hil has been set up as a shoe-in, if she lives long enough to make it to the election.  The future of the United States, and many other places, is in the hands of Hil's neurologists.

"Heavily Armed Oregon Patriots Lied about Actual Military Combat Service"

"In Israel, It’s George Orwell’s 1984 All Over Again"  It is a shame that international law doesn't apply to Jews.

"A Murky Tale of Racism and Betrayal, Censored in The NY Times"  The truth of this entire incident is deeply embarrassing to the Israeli state, and the house organ of the settler movement has really covered it up.

"Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone Interview With El Chapo Is One Of The Reasons He Was Captured"  "This Is The Tequila-Promoting Telenovela Actress Who Led To El Chapo"  "Sean Penn, Intelligence Dangle"  "So The DEA Sent Sean Penn To Get Al Chapo?"  Penn would be tied in to the American intelligence apparatus through whatever the hell he does to Haiti.

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