Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Collective harassment

"The Craziest Conspiracy Theory of Them All"

"collective harassment"  It is a tribute to the power of hatred that so many people have bought in completely to this rather elaborate media trick, which started with the bizarre assertion, in light of massive media coverage, that there was a big government-media conspiracy to cover everything up.

"Israeli “Opened Slovakia’s Door for Iraqi refugees”"  Although support for Wars For The Jews created the refugee crisis, there is a considerable amount of Israeli and Turkish effort employed to get the refugees from Turkey and the Middle East to Europe.  As always, work described as 'humanitarian'.

"Israel eyes world coalition to force social media platforms to block incitement"  Europeans ought to be aware the very same traitors who created the refugee problem are behind this.

"Seeking Bibi's Favor"

"Clinton has serious criminal exposure for the E-mail caper."  You can see how Clinton was completely aware of the legal issues and looked for work-arounds. The excuse that problems were inadvertent and technical doesn't fly.
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