Thursday, January 21, 2016

Facts on the ground

"Obama changes tack on Russia, calls up Putin"  The Empire can't admit weakness so this is being spun as Russia trying to get out from under the Ukrainian problem, yet the initiative was all American.  The United States has a terrible problem with parasites, and Putin has some medicine for it that Barry can't get anywhere else.

"Poroshenko and Biden Coordinate Actions for Donbass Elections"  Coordinating vote fraud.  Diebold to the rescue.

Speaking of parasites, I couldn't help but notice that the advice of various bad actors is discussed in the introduction with an anecdote of Nazi-era Bulgaria protecting its Jews!!!  More 'free' advice from George Soros.  You should always carefully listen to the opinions of this small identifiable group of Khazars 'experts' and immediately do the opposite. Whatever you do, don't notice the tiny group all the 'experts' are from.

"Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe"

"Democrats in ‘Group Think’ Land" (Parry)

Putin's facts on the ground starting to sink in:  "The Washpost is trying to escape USG censorship?" Putin is easily accomplishing 'the impossible':  "Syria : The Fallacies Of The Percentage War".  Zionist propaganda always uses the concept of inevitability:  'don't bother to oppose us as our victory is inevitable!'.  'Facts on the ground' is connected to this, and has to do with supremacism and the idea that Khazar victory is religiously preordained.

"Syria - Some Preliminary Positioning For An Endgame".  Note that the only way to save Turkey from being broken up, with the massive problems that would entail, is to re-incorporate Syrian Kurds into Syria, perhaps in some kind of federalism.  The Jews are yet again attempting massive mischief they won't bear the costs of.

"Analysis: Saudi Arabia, the next Syria?"  We may get to find out if there is any intellectual integrity at all behind ISIS, or if is it entirely a western intelligence stunt.

Meanwhile, the Empire's lackeys continue to lack:  "Alexander Litvinenko inquiry finds Vladimir Putin 'probably' ordered killing".

The one way that Trump might win is starting to shape up.  If the Democrat apparatchiks (ultra-Zionist Wasserman Schultz et al and their various Hillary tricks) force Hil in as nominee in the face of massive voter support for Sanders, average Democrat-leaning voters might be so disgusted that they stay home.  Conversely, failure of the Republicans to sink Trump might energize his supporters to go out and vote.

As always: "Feds framed my client, ISIS suspect’s lawyer says".

"Lord Bramall demands apology from police over investigation"  !!!  "Complaint to BBC: old footage used in 2016 Madaya report".  These are related as part of the general campaign of lying which takes multiple forms.

"International Outrage at Israeli Killing Spree Gets no Notice in The NY Times"
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