Thursday, January 14, 2016

Groping for the truth

Everybody in the west loves this mass groping story:  "North Africa Exports Rape Culture to Germany".  By North Africa, he seems to mean Egypt.  Are there masses of Egyptian refugees in Germany?  The entire story, and its western analysis, is so reminiscent of similar stories told of immigrants and 'the other' over the ages (and note how feminism elbows the old-fashioned and quaint concerns about racism).  The deep fear, as always, is miscegenation (fear of which also explains ammosexuality, why Americans desperately need so many guns - 'where's the white women at?').  "Group of "teens" grope woman jogger in Central Park. The comments SHOW whites are waking up!"  "The Awful Experience Of The 1st Time I Was Groped By An Indian Man".  While I was searching I kept finding links to porn movies!  The other day I couldn't help but notice that is has become respectable in progressive thinking to note the naturalness of preference for 'our own kind'.  Maybe a business model for The New New Republic is returning to extolling the virtues of The Bell Curve.

More:  "Germany Just Screwed Europe".  Screwed.

"The Recapture Of Selma: Momentous Victory For The SAA & Allies"  "Selma Village: “finally, After So Many Years, And So Many Martyred Syrian Arab Army Soldiers, And Civilians, We Have Victory.”"

"Syria UN ambassador: “The whole Syrian people is besieged”"

"Was the Bagram Airfield Plane Crash of 2013 an Act of Terrorism?"  Note that the answer has big implications for legal liability.  It does look like a very compromised investigation.

"Obama schooled on Twitter about Middle East history"  I think the year Barry was looking for was 1948.  "Why Israel has silenced the 1948 story of Nazareth’s survival"

"Op-Ed: Did Iran 'toy' with the U.S.?"  Kerry acted like a adult, appropriately apologized, and everything went smoothly and safely.  Everybody is looking forward to the next president starting WWIII over something like this.

What all the cool cats are using:  "Qubes OS:  A reasonably secure operating system"

"Create an anonymous Signal phone number w/ Android" (step-by-step, including mutilation):
"16. Physically remove the phone’s microphone and cameras; if possible, the accelerometer too. Rely on a corded headset when communicating with Signal (voice). Don’t leave the headset plugged in when not in use."

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"After facing criticism, The Guardian changed its title of its piece, removing the euphemistic phrase "disputed land""
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