Monday, January 25, 2016

Hate route

"Murder Most Foul: The Death of Litvinenko"  Atypically moronic Margolis, ripped to shreds in the comments.

"SYRIA SITREP: Rebel Defences Crumbling In Latakia Province"

"Saudi Arabia is on the Brink of Regime Change"

"Turkey Drifts Towards Israel"

"Strategic Survey for Israel 2015|2016 – Shlomo Brom and Anat Kurz"

"WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin: More Regime Change, Please!"

"Europe’s elites use immigration to reshape it"  The refugees aren't going anywhere.  They are the predictable and predicted result of European policies, particularly support for Wars For The Jews.  You can now deal with it and integrate the arrivals into society, or you can go the hate route and end up with a permanent troubled class, as France has decided to go.  It is no shock how popular the hate route has become, as Islamophobia suits the same group who likes Wars For The Jews.

I see a lot of panicky and undignified scrambling over the Iran deal, the hidden Great Depression, and the success of the Syrian army and Russia.
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