Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hmmm, I’m noticing a pattern here

"Short And Sharp: Syrian War Moving Closer To Strategic Breaking Point ?"  The American propaganda stream - which derives directly from Zionist influence - is all about the inevitability of ISIS success.  'It's terrible, but there is nothing anybody can do about it.'  Facts on the ground!  A large part of official American resentment at the Russians is that the Russians prove every day that ISIS can be defeated, often quite easily.

"FBI's Clinton probe expands to public corruption track"  The Clinton Foundation grifting is amazing, and absolutely shameless, like something you would expect to see in the most corrupt of third-world countries.  Clinton, Rubio and Carson, all prominent in this race, are no more than shifty confidence tricksters.

"Hillary’s Sleezy Seven: Top donors to Hillary’s superpacs ALL Jewish"  It is Hil-arious how obvious this is, but you are just a bigot if you notice!  "Friends of Hillary":  "Hmmm, I’m noticing a pattern here . . . ".

"Madaya: West Engineer Another ‘Humanitarian’ Media Hoax in Syria"  "Madaya: Letter Of Complaint To CBC Ombudsman"  "Analyzing Madaya’s Starvation Falsification"  "'Madaya’s Starvation Falsification' Global Research"  Classic, and appalling, the American-backed terrorists cause a problem which is then blamed, with a huge mainstream media propaganda push (using lots of recycled pictures from other alleged atrocities), on the Syrian government.

"Misinformation Causes Confusion About Madaya And Other Besieged Syrian Civilians"  A little too 'fair and balanced' for my taste - Firedoglake without teeth - but contains useful links.

Comment by tom hall to "Revolt Network Foments New Brand of Jewish Terror in Israel – Isabel Kershner/The New York Times":
"Since I don't read the New York Times, allow me to say that if this report typifies the standards prevailing in the paper's coverage of Israel/Palestine, I confess to being shocked.  Not a single Palestinian voice is cited in a dispatch centered on Jewish terrorism against Palestinians.  The entire discourse is framed as an internal, familial dispute among Israeli Jews, and extreme right wing Jews they are.  Further, the gist of the piece, which defiantly avoids mentioning the illegality of the entire settlement enterprise, amounts to an effort at exoneration of the settler/colonial movement and a portrayal of crimes committed by its youth as exceptional and aberrant.  Of course, they are neither.  
This really is a disgraceful piece of propaganda.  I direct my criticism to the article itself, not at the decision to post it here, which I applaud.  It's one thing to hear of the Times' bias and the Zionist affiliation of its correspondents.  It's another to be confronted by such a prime specimen of hasbara.  In places the piece read like a rejected scenario for Rebel Without a Cause, with poor confused James Dean hurling firebombs into nurseries and bedchambers.  The report concludes with a concerted effort at vindicating the terrorists, with extensive quotes in praise of their character.  Is this sort of thing typical of American media coverage as a whole?"
It is surprising how many terrible things are said to just happen, with no cause at all except for personal issues. For example, the amazing Islamophobia we now see in the United States has been carefully cultured with Jewish billionaire spending and propaganda.  The violence of teen aged settlers is also supposed to be personal, and certainly not political, and heaven forbid you mention official government policies or the relationship of settler leaders to the Israeli government:  "The Brainwasher".

"Media Hints the South Stream Project Is Back On"  Too much money to be made for a pipeline to disappear forever, but this leak might be an attempt to pressure the Turks.

"Chainsaw Chris"  TNR lost its value - and note the criticism of ultra-Zionist Marshall! - when it stopped being a pure Zionist propaganda outlet and returned to its roots as a useful magazine.

"In Dangerous Gamble, the Obama Administration Is Abandoning Decades-Old Mideast Alliances – Tony Badran/HuffPo".  Comment by tom hall:
"Badran is a Research Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, one of the more malodorous pro-Israel think tanks in Washington.  Nice to see the neo-cons haven't surrendered their project for the utter destruction of the Middle Eastern states and societies.  While the Assad regime bears full responsibility for crushing peaceful popular protest during the Arab Spring period, insistence that the outcome of a defeat for the Syrian government in this war will be enhanced stability and security for the people of that country or the region as a whole is completely asinine.  It's been clear for several years now that the consequences of that collapse will be the disintegration of Syria and the wholesale slaughter of its citizens at the hands of Islamist forces- a prospect which Israel regards with equanimity.  Badran would like his readers to believe that the entire conflagration is about Iran, the neo-cons' boogie man de jour.  It's not.  The ravaging of country after country- whatever you think of their current borders or systems of governance, is producing not peace, not democracy, but an expanding nightmare.  Which is what Badran's paymasters want to see."
The most obvious critique of the neocon analysis is that is the exact opposite of the truth.  American officials are still falling all over themselves to back the Saudi plays, even as they realize the Saudis have lost their minds.

"Tomgram: Rick Shenkman, How We Learned to Stop Worrying About People and Love the Bombing"  I was struck by the fact that this, from a 'progressive' American source, contains the standard 'respectable racist' view that our preferences for 'our own kind' are hardwired into us, and thus, sadly, inevitable.  "Ignoring the U.S. Role in the Atrocious War on Yemen".
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