Thursday, January 07, 2016

Making everybody mad

"Fake “Left” “Anti-War” Movement Calls for “Regime Change” in Syria"  Excellent calling out of the phonies.  These monsters need to be constantly tagged for what they really are.  Given the way things are going, it makes perfect sense that our official 'left' is just as corrupt and craptastic as everybody else.

"Opinion: Red alert in Cologne"  Very meta manipulation going on here.  This incident appears to be one rape, which may or may not have been committed by a refugee, and which has been spun into some kind of frenzied mass attack, complete with a media cover-up, for the joint propaganda purposes of the extreme right and the mainstream right.

"Illinois college moves to fire professor who said Muslims, Christians worship same God" Undeniably true, and accepted as a given by all mainstream theologians of each faith.  Christian Zionists, who worship a different god, Satan (same god as their pals the Sabbateans), are rightly perturbed at this.

"Saudi-Iranian spat: Another skirmish in the oil war"  Perhaps the single worst column I've ever read by Escobar.  Very strange.  Has he been kidnapped and replaced by an imposter?  Oil prices haven't gone down because of over pumping, they've gone down because of a massive lack of demand caused by the secret world recession, and American policy makers now know they cannot wreck the Russian economy with further price reductions.

"Does the unrest in Saudi Arabia mean their government is tottering?"  We're told no.  Famous last words.

""The die is cast" WINEP"  Joyful news.

"Washington Quietly Lifts Sanctions on Russian Rockets"  Goes a long way to explaining why this sanctions frenzy is such bullshit.

"The Martian and the Renminbi"  Movie financing.  I wouldn't be too optimistic based on which supremacist group uses this business for its supremacist goals.

""Can the Free Syrian Army Get Back on Its Feet?" US News & World Report"  Jew-controlled mainstream media attempted resurrection of the Fee Syrian Army is going to continue long after the last fee is paid.

"Was gear bought by US charity used by Israeli army during Gaza attack?"

"Canadian media is ignoring evidence of 1948 Israeli massacres"  Tip top.

"Daily Beast on Hizbullah and drugs"

"FAU Professor Who's A Sandy Hook Truther Is Fired From His Job"  I don't know if being an asshole is grounds for termination.

"The Disingenuous Apologies for Israel’s Assault on Palestinian Education"  Jewish historians assert that historians don't have the competence to do historical analysis and should thus stay far away from history.

"Swords to Plowshares"  I am all in favor of 1) identifying the root cause; and 2) attacking the root cause.
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