Saturday, January 02, 2016

Muslim beard

"Grandma: FBI wanted terror suspect Lutchman as informant" When the FBI sinks its fangs into you, your choice is informant or patsy.  Likely the guy who drove him around and bought his gear, and the guy who purported to connect him to Baghdadi, had already made the choice to be informant.

Murdock murder mysteries:
  1. Reddit
  2. a comment on Reddit by ParanoidFactoid (also see the comment by sammichbitch):
    "Ian was murdered. His tweets shouldn't be taken at face value. Rather, assume his phone had been confiscated during an initial arrest. At which point he was likely murdered in jail. Most likely because he attempted to assert his rights.
    From that point forward, all correspondence from his phone should be viewed as intended to obfuscate cause of death. To provide a plausible excuse for suicide as an official cause of death. As should be all official documents. Police and coroner's office will lie about this.
    Ian was smart, self-assured, and perhaps even cocky. And I think that may well have got him killed.
    My heart goes to his family and personal friends. And to Debian regulars who knew him on list and through conferences. Good bye Ian. You will be missed.";
  3. tweets;
  4. "Police confirm Ian Murdock arrest before suicide";
  5. It is difficult not to notice that Murdock was very critical of a main business model of the 1%, stealing the work of other people and selling it as your own.

"Ian's death and antifa at CCC: why hackers must become nationalists.":
"As it turns out, there is an economic interest in keeping the hacker community docile, afraid, and Balkanized. The last term is best because it is the same guy that catalyzed the genocides in the Balkans who funds most antifa groups: George Soros. Just as he funded the destruction of Yugoslavia because the unification of Slavs presented a threat to his geopolitical interests, he, along with the Rothschilds and the Weinsteins, now funds attempts to culturally subjugate the hacker community. You know that chart we look at above? They are desperately attempting to keep the political elements of computing subdued by Marxism because a rebalance of power according to value would be against their interests and for yours. Most of these antifa types are paid shills, but a few of you are honestly fooled. You are being cuckolded, advocating directly against the interests of your own community and for the interests of predatory billionaires. When you push leftwards, you are screaming for more corpses of men like Ian, Lance, and Aaron.
There's a table that all those other people eat at, and they don't want to clear a seat for your tribe at it. I learned something in prison: if someone takes your seat at a table, you pick something up and bash them with it repeatedly. Ian's death was a result of an act of disrespect and violence, an extension of continual disrespect that has emanated from the power establishment for decades now. It's going to continue until we respond in kind.
Embrace the will to power. We can seize it. It won't take very many of us."

"George Soros Regrets Supporting Obama, Eagerly Awaits President Hillary"  Barry doesn't salute quickly enough.  That won't be a problem with Hillary.

"How False Stories of Iran Arming Houthis Were Used to Justify War in Yemen"

"The Cultural Contradictions That Have Crippled the Great American Middle Class"  The 1% thinks the middle class is as lazy and feckless as the poors!

Paul Ryan has converted to Islam, proved by his 'Muslim beard'.
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