Friday, January 29, 2016


"The CIA and Nonviolent Resistance"  Gene Sharp.  Meyssan and the Zunes/Chomsky/CIA counterattack.  Rally good stuff.  Too hard on Parry though, as Ukrainians do have some agency in this mess.

"How York University should respond to a Zionist donor’s blackmail"  All Bronfman money was obtained through blatant violent lawbreaking and racketeering, and should be confiscated by the authorities as proceeds of crime.

"Syria peace talks derailed as opposition stays away"  You'd think they would be rushing to the table to grab something before the Syrian army establishes all the facts on the ground.

"FBI Releases Video Of Shooting Death Of Oregon Occupier"  The double reach for the gun when the cops were so close makes this a clear example of suicide by cop, putting the victim in the class of American males who have given up.  Another group of males who gave up were Russian males after the end of the Soviet Union.  Jewish economists advised Yeltsin to turn over all the wealth of the country to a handful of Jewish billionaires.  The social contract, whereby work and sacrifice of a lifetime was rewarded with at least some infrastructure/security/healthcare was completely wrecked, and some form of suicide was the only option.  In the United States, Jewish billionaires bribe and blackmail politicians to spend all American wealth on Wars For The Jews, leading to an identical end of the social contract, and of the general understanding of social justice, with an inevitable turn to suicide and self-destructive behavior as the only option.  The reason white males are uniquely prone to this is that everybody else just assumes they are screwed, and thus are not disappointed - it is the sad discovery and disillusionment that leads to self-destruction.
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